National Foreign Language Honor Society


Jack Busch, Entertainment Editor

“The man who knows two languages is worth two men.” This is the oath and motto of Alan B. Shepard’s National Foreign Language Honor Society.
The society focuses on three major languages, German, French, and Spanish.
The society held an induction ceremony to honor and congratulate those students who went above and beyond to not only learn a new language, but an entirely different culture.
Fifty students were inducted into the Spanish Honor Society. Twenty-three students were inducted into the French Honor Society, and 14 students were inducted into the German Honor Society
Fiona Rohan was one of the 88 students inducted that night and said, “Taking a foreign language, especially Spanish, is a privilege. Being able to become fluent in a language that is spoken heavily in both society and (in the) workplace will put both you, and the individual(s) you’re trying to communicate with, at an advantage.”
Giselle Abarca, who received honors in Spanish, feels good about her dedication to foreign language. Abarca said, “Taking Spanish will benefit you in many ways…In this generation, most people in the United States know more than one language. Their second language being Spanish for a majority of them. You can use your knowledge to help other people that aren’t familiar with English or have Spanish as their primary language.”
The students in these programs have a very clear understanding about how important it is to have strong communication skills. Each and everyone of them are at a huge advantage with having the knowledge of two languages.
French inductee Cassandra Schulist said, “The ability to learn not only another language but the culture itself and how different or similar another foreign country can be is such a great opportunity that I and my peers were able to have…You begin to appreciate and learn about an entirely new society and how they live like any other foreign environment.”
All of the quotes above have something in common, that being the importance and privilege of learning a second language and culture. Schulist said, “you begin to appreciate and learn about an entirely new society.”
If you want to take part in this program speak to your foreign language teacher to pick up an application. It is highly recommended by all of the students inducted that you should take part in the program if you’re interested.