Junior Workroom

Hannah Zaczyk and Alexis Delos Santos

If you you are a junior you may have noticed an added class to your schedule. Are you curious as to why it’s there? So were we.  So we decided t0 do a little investigation.

Associate Principal Jen Pollack offered a sound reason for the change. “Junior year is an important year. They take the SAT, select final courses at ABS, and start exploring college careers for the future.” said Pollack.

This is why Pollack and many at the district agreed to add junior workroom to this year at ABS. It may have seemed rushed, but the idea for junior advisory has been in the works for a year now.

English teacher Mike Smith thinks the move will prove useful to juniors as they prepare for applying to college. “As a junior teacher I tell my students that junior year is in many ways the most important year,” stated Smith, “I have a junior at home and have just recently gone through the college process with my oldest. Anything a junior can do to prepare for it is worthwhile, because otherwise senior year is overwhelming.”

Many homeroom teachers, though say they don’t have a strong personal opinion, but they feel it will benefit students in the long run.

It is viewed as highly important because it gives us 40 minutes out of the week to prepare, practice, learn college and career, and SAT skills. However not all feel this way. Many of the juniors feel it’s rather pointless and unnecessary.

Many complaints about Naviance and the repercussions were expressed. For instance, Sarah Al-Rashideh, a junior who is in several AP classes and honor courses, stated, “The workrooms are absolute bull” and that it is not as drastic as her regular classes. She also goes on to say she doesn’t feel as though it’s helping her or that Naviance is doing anything to narrow down her career choice.

Sarah said, “I feel like if they did more SAT prep, it would be more effective,” rather than workroom being focused so much on college and careers.

Emily Brzezniak is another junior at ABS who believes there is no need for junior workroom. She said, “Workroom is very boring and pointless. No one will take the class itself or the repercussion of it seriously.”

Overall junior workroom has had mixed reviews, however they all agree on the reason behind it. While it does seem tiresome and pointless  to some , it helps organize and narrow down our options for the future.