New Parking Plan

Adam Safi, Staff Reporter

       Does the idea of teachers taking over student parking spots seem fair? With a new school year, brings a new parking plan. This year in the parking lot behind the school, teachers will be the only people allowed to park in the first three rows of parking spots, leaving students to park in the very last row and  back by the tennis courts and varsity baseball field.. 

        Assistant Principle Brian Roberts explained that the idea for the change came from security.

“It was suggested by security to better keep track of cars”, said Roberts, “but also if a student has late start, they don’t have to worry about finding a spot because theirs will always be open.” 

Despite making sense from an administrative stand point many students are not pleased with the plan.

One such student was greatly opposed. He said “I feel that it’s stupid. It worked fine last year and now if someone takes my spot I have no where to park because then I’ll be taking someone else’s.”

This is a valid point that many would tend to agree with. 

 Roberts feels that the move is best for both teachers and students.

Roberts said,  “Both teachers and students will have their own sides and shouldn’t conflict with one another when finding spots.,”

However true that might be the same could be said with the old parking plan. It seems every student strongly dislikes the new plan but it is something we all have to deal with and adjust to as there is no going back. 

       My suggestion is however, to go back to the old parking plan because if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.