Freshman P.E. Changes

Jourdan Jackson and Brendan Zaker

This year the freshman at Shepard High have a different setup for their physical education classes.

Instead of having one semester dedicated to health, and one for their regular P.E class, they now have combined these both into six to seven week unites for each semester.

These changes have impacted both students and teachers. Health and physical education teacher Ryan McGuire see the changes as only a positive.  “Why have the students switch teachers when there is an opportunity for that teacher and their students to become a team and help each other become healthier,” said McGuire. Since the change, the students are able to stay with the same teacher through the entire school year.

Curriculum Director of Physical Education, Health, and Driver’s Ed, Audra Van Radan, explained, “The changes were made in order to provide a more comprehensive class for students that focuses in on lifelong skills related to health and wellness.” The transition is made easier by the fact that the current freshman has never had it any other way. “They don’t have anything to compare these changes to, this is all they know,” said, Ryan McGuire.

Both McGuire and Radan ended by saying, “These changes have been for the better, everything is moving smoothly so far.”