AFJROTC Welcomes New Cadets With Open Arms

Jocelyn Anaya, Staff Reporter

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“Integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do,” are the Air Force core values.

Junior reserve officer training corps (JROTC) was created by the Passage of National Defense act in 1916. The ROTC program helps prepare students to become better citizens, leaders, build  character, and help the community.

The program offers you real life skills that other classes may not, such as leadership, fellowship, integrity, discipline, attention to detail, respect, and communication. JROTC is about serving the community and helping you become a better person. Joining the JROTC program  does not mean you need to join the military. The AFJROTC instructors at Alan B.Shepard Major Daniel Johnson and Master Sergeant Chris Saberniak each bring 20 or more years of military service.

“In JROTC you have the opportunity to learn important life skills and some valuable leadership tools,” said  Saberniak. “Overall, JROTC is about serving the community and making you a better person.”

JROTC students can be seen in the Shepard community in their uniforms.“The uniform means we are a team that works together and lives by three simple rules: Integrity first, service  before self, and excellence in all we do,” said Saberniak. “The uniform represents the commitment and discipline you have to becoming a better citizen for the community. The ribbons in their uniforms are many ways they show their accomplishments which they would wear on their uniform. There are currently 50 ribbons you can earn for numerous things.”

“ This program has helped me with my social skills,” said senior Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Tyler Harvey.”Coming into high school I was scared and nervous.”

Cadets in JROTC learn to interact and get out of their comfort zones to build their confidence.

To join the JROTC program does not require you to be physically active. The program has many fun activities to join such as marksmanship team, academic bowl team, recycling teams, Cyberpatriot Teams, color guard performances, drill practice and many opportunities to earn community service.

To join simply talk to your counselor about the program and ask to join. If you have any questions or comments about the class you can ask the cadets in the program or contact Johnson and Saberniak.

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AFJROTC Welcomes New Cadets With Open Arms