Limitless dance studio

Nadia Amoah, Staff reporter

Limitless Dance Studio is a brand new dance studio it opened up in the summer of 2018 in Palos Heights, IL. The studio is located around the corner of Shepard by the 7-Eleven. The Founder & Owner of Limitless, Patryk Pilch, opened this studio to “let all ages of kids and even adults to have a place where they train, have fun and can call a second home.” Says Patryck Limitless offers classes such as Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary and Lyrical + other fun classes like freestyle, Zumba and tumbling. The Ages start as young as two years old up to High School kids mostly around 17/18 years old. “Any ages older past 18 are still welcome to come take class.”Says patryck

The Goal for Limitless is to bring in as many kids as possible and start to form a company with kids that want to train and perform set routines for competitions and performances. The overall goal is to have Limitless into a well known Hip Hop based dance company in our neighborhood that travels to compete in very pre professional\professional leveled competitions “potentially even tv shows such as World Of Dance and more!” Says patryk

Staff consists of 2 main instructors – Patryk Pilch & Kelsey Carpenter
Patryk has been dancing around 13 years and has traveled to teach classes at various studios for over four years. Patryk started taking dance serious to where he knew he would pursue it full time at the age of 14, he was a sophomore. The first three years Patryk started dancing at a studio called BDA. He grew as a dancer and felt he needed more .Patryk’s mom drove him to auditions a few months later and he was able to made it to the company. He was 13 by then.

Around five years go back and Patryk learns from different choreographers in LA that would be flown out to teach master classes at Xtreme like CJ Salvador, Laura Edwards, Nika Kljun, and so many more. Around 2017, a few years after Patryk graduates from both High School & Xtreme, he made the decision to move out to Los Angeles, California and pursue dance professionally and independently. A few weeks after his arrival, he went to his very first professional dance audition ever. The audition was for a chance to be signed to an agency out in Studio City, California called CTG – Clear Talent Agency. Three days go by and Patryk gets a call back. One of four people signed out of the 300+ that attended the audition. Patryk later went on to continue his training and get mentored by people like Mikey DellaVella, Nika Kljun, Sean Lew & more.