Nightmare on Ridgeland Avenue

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Nightmare on Ridgeland Avenue

Citlalli Velez, Staff Reporter

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October 13 marked the end of this year’s homecoming festivities.

Spirit and spooky pride have been displayed throughout the school. The halls were decorated with the help of P.O.W.E.R. P.E., German club, Spanish club, and more.

The Tuesday after the four day weekend, myBOOMtour, the group responsible for the music provided for Shepard for the homecoming dance, visited the lunch periods to display a sample of what kind of music to expect for the dance.

Dance contests and free tickets were just the beginning of the homecoming hype.

With minor scheduling conflicts, Shepard celebrated their spirit week with a rough start.

Spirit week is a 5-day celebration that gets students involved with fun wardrobe, the big game, and the homecoming dance.

Students dressed up in all pink for Pink Day on October 3 followed by a throwback/junior high day the following day. Students were able to choose to wear something to represent the junior high they went to.

The following week, on October 9, students continued showing their spirit with culture day. Students who participated dressed in pieces that represented their culture and who they are.

The following day the spirit week took another pause as freshmen, sophomores, and juniors took the PSATs.

On October 11, they resumed with Jersey Day, and finally on Friday October 12 the school separated themselves into their classes using their class colors for Class Color Day.

Freshman wore orange, Sophomores wore grey, Juniors wore white, and Seniors wore black to represent each class.

Friday, the day of the pep rally, each class competed to display their pride and prepare not only themselves, but Shepard’s football teams for that night’s homecoming game.

Students watched performances of the marching band, colorguard, the dance team, the cheerleaders, and the stomp team. Eric Kallenborn, teacher of many English/writing classes and sponsor of Game, and Chess Club, was Shepard’s pep assembly emcee.

He, along with many students, threw t-shirts to the crowd and initiated all the class competitions.

Selected students from each class participated in a scooter race, a balloon race, and many rounds of tug of war.


After the pep assembly students and families went out to watch the homecoming parade. Special junior high guests performed with their respective bands.

Friday night, the night of the homecoming game, Astros and their families, along with marching band, cheerleaders, the dance team, etc., attended the game to support the Astros Football team despite the very cold temperatures.

The Shepard Astros dominated the Evergreen Park Mustangs with a 51-14 victory.

Saturday, the day of the homecoming dance, students were able to enter the beautifully decorated gym to experience A Nightmare on Ridgeland Ave. The semi-formal dance had many sharply dressed students attend.