Shepard Welcomes News Teachers

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Shepard Welcomes News Teachers

Brendan Zaker, Staff Reporter

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This school year, you will be seeing new faces around the campus of Shepard. There are many new staff members at Shepard including traveling and permanent teachers.

These new faces can be seen in PE, English, Math, Special Education, and many other positions around Shepard.

New teachers to Shepard include: Taylor Burmeister (English), Heather Murphy (Special Education), Jeremy Hunding (Spanish), Darren Bryant (PE), Ivan Marquez (English), Hilary Tully (PE Drivers Ed, Health), Vince Lucca (Special Education), Jordan Welker (Math), Cecelia Welker (Psychologist), and Pete Weber (Special Ed).

Furthermore, there are teachers that are new to Shepard but do not teach full time and are considered “Traveling Teachers”. These include: Lori Boillat, Vanessa Connor, Andrea Partyka, Jodi Pelini, Sheri Reiplinger, John Rone, Matt St. Leger, and James Weber.

Many of the new teachers have thought about education their whole life. Most of these teachers have both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education with some have them in other related fields.

Many teachers also stated that they “Love Shepard” and adding that “The Students and atmosphere are absolutely amazing”.

Some of these teachers have had previous experience in the educational field.

Math teacher Jordan Welker has had previous experience said, “This is not my first teaching job. I taught at a charter school on the South Side of Chicago for two years.”

Not all the new teachers started in education. Many of them wanted to pursue other careers but changed but later realized their calling.

Special Education teacher Vince Lucca added that, “After working in sales for six years, I decided I wanted to change my career to teaching. I have always taken great satisfaction in working with the youth of today.”

Overall the teachers are very satisfied with Shepard so far. Spanish Teacher Jeremy Hunding commented, “I love Shepard so far. I think my students are the best out there and I am consistently impressed by the competence and skill of my colleagues.”