Twenty One Pilots Return to the Music Scene

Morgan McDermott, staff reporter

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Twenty One Pilots left their fans in the dark after a one year hiatus with no talk of a new album, until recently out of the blue they surprised us all with a new album and a new sound.


Many fans enjoyed the new sound and admired the direction the band is going in as they continue to prosper. Twenty one pilots fourth studio album Trench was released October 5. As per usual when new music is released, not everyone is  a fan. Some dislike the new sound as the band experiments with new sounds and styles, and some are upset they had to wait this long for a new album and how it just suddenly dropped without a real warning.


Some viewed it as a pleasant surprise and were very excited not only to have a new album but also to hear from both band members again.


With fourteen total tracks the album talks of personal struggles from the lead singer himself. Experimenting with music is always a risk but pays off a lot. It keeps listeners interested and on their toes for the next album.


This album is very unique with such interesting lyrics and new beats not like their previous albums. It truly is a wonderful album for anyone trying to expand their musical taste. The bands been on tour and has been performing the albums new songs and older songs of theirs,


Before you first listen to their new albums you never know what to expect. I’ve come to the conclusion that the longer you continue to listen to the album the more aware you are. Of the lyrics and the strange beats and instruments they add to each song. One of the best tracks on the album is called neon gravestones, and the lyrics talk of today’s culture and how everyone seems to praise an artist after they die and don’t appreciate the art they produce when they’re alive, it sends a good message to appreciate all artists because you never know when they’ll be gone.


In summary, Twenty One Pilots new album “Trench” was highly anticipated after their long hiatus, and it truly did not disappoint. It told a story like no other album could and left its audience wanting new music and many tours in the future.

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Twenty One Pilots Return to the Music Scene