CTE Undergoes a Facelift

Brendan Zaker, Staff Reporter

This year at Shepard, the woodshop used for all construction and production classes got major upgrades. They have received multiple new machines along with software upgrades.

During mid-October, Teachers Paul Taviani and Michael Oziemkowski received both hands on and technology based training.

This training was for the use of the new CNC (Computer Numerical Control) that the school received over the summer. This technology has never been used at Shepard before.

“The CNC can be used to provide a variety of tasks to help speed the process of projects,” commented Taviani.

Both the entry level Production and Construction and advanced classes will be using the new CNC machine this year for future projects coming from CAD classes that are still in the planning stages.

The projects that students in the entry level class will be working on are a model shed, coasters, and a pen turned on one of the five lathes the woodshop provides.

The advanced class is finishing their end grain cutting boards with a grease trap provided by the CNC and are getting ready to transition into their end tables they will be starting after Thanksgiving

Curriculum director of career and technical education Frank LaMantia commented,” The grease trap is only the tip of the iceberg” adding that, “There are endless possibilities with the CNC.”
The new CNC is being paired up with a bigger laser engraver that was added last school year. A few students from each advanced class have learned how to use the CNC software to create and design
projects on it.

In addition to the CNC machine the woodshop has added a new arsenal of machines to their lineup. This includes both a new drill press and a second drum sander to go along with one that is
already in the woodshop.

With most major changes happening in the woodshop, there are a few happening in the auto shop. Entering the auto shop are the old drill press and small CNC machine from the woodshop.
Like the woodshop, all auto classes will be able to use these machines during class.

Furthermore, the CAD classes will be working on projects this year with both the new CNC and the laser engraver. They will also be using the 3D printer that is conveniently located in the back of the
CAD workshop to print projects they have designed.