New curriculum is introduced to Spanish 4

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New curriculum is introduced to Spanish 4

McKenzie Reh, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Hola! In Spanish 4 or en Español de cuatro they have introduced a new curriculum which includes new themes that have not been covered in Spanish 4 before. The unit Spanish 4 is currently on has to do with corn and how it is important to Latin culture.
“Students will learn that corn is used in more than just Latin cooking,” stated Spanish teacher, Juan Cruz. “It has so many other applications in technology, agriculture, etc. Everything we cover is related to corn: our vocabulary list, our readings, our presentational activities, etc.”
The class celebrated La Festival de Maiz or the Festival of corn by going to the food lab and making a variety of dishes. “Our menu consisted of corn infused salsa, homemade tostados, and guacamole,” said Cruz. “Each class had specific jobs: meat cookers, jalapeno mincers, onion choppers, etc.” After they prepared the meal the class ate together.
In most Latin American cultures, La Festival de Maiz is about giving thanks for the harvest season and asking God to bless it. The festival also acts as a way to preserve, promote, and protect the culture of corn.
Some common dishes made from corn that they make in Latin America in order to celebrate this festival are pupusas, tamales, riguas, atoll, and elote. They also make a special drink called chichi.
“We have many goals and ways this lesson benefits our students. They learn that not only is corn tasty, but it helps define a part of the Latin culture,” said Cruz.
“I enjoyed La Festival de Maiz. I thought it was an eye opening experience to other cultures,” said Senior Hedayah Krakra.
“They learn about the many uses outside of the kitchen for corn. They get hands on experiences cooking. As a Spanish teacher, when you share a meal, it allows you to see the students in a setting that is different from our day to day setting. And, obviously, they get to see me as other than just a foreign language teacher,” said Cruz.
“This unit has definitely changed my perspective of corn because I learned that it is much more than just a type of food, it also provides an insight into other cultures,” said Krakra.