Varsity Girls Basketball

Kyle Reynolds and Macayla Alvarado

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        This years girls varsity basketball team is looking forward to a strong season led by head coach Ricardo Gamino. Coach Gamino feels that “Ky” and “V” as he calls captains Kylie Radz and Veronica Janik , both have the type of winning mindset that will help the team compete in the South Suburban Conference Red Division.

         Coach Gamino is going onto his 12 year of coaching and his eight year at the high school level. With this history and acknowledgment of the sport he knows that this team needs to improve on “mental toughness“ specifically. To accomplish mental toughness he’s pulled two of his senior athletes to play the leadership role for the girls on the team.

     “This team is small, very close, and all have the same mindset,” stated Regan Monahan.

“This senior group has worked incredibly hard and have been excellent leaders,” saidcoach Gamino.“They have helped change the program in a very positive way and I am proud of the example they are setting.”

       The two captains have impressed him with their leadership and perseverance. After any team loses captain Kylie Radz, number 22, shows her leadership by pinpointing strengths and weaknesses throughout the game, “As a captain, my job is to not allow them(the team) to take a loss too hard because if you played 110% then there’s nothing more you could have done,” said Gamino.

       Although the encouragement is necessary, both captains agree that there’s always something to work on.

      “I tell them we had a lot of positives in the game, and also what we need to work on during practice,” said captain Janik.

       Gamino isn’t the only one who recognizes the strong leadership of the captains. Their teammates  also  give them props.

“Kylie and Veronica are strong leaders and always come prepared,” said Monahan.

This  ‘small but close team’ has anticipated a great season since it has started, and they won’t back down.

               Shepard’s recent game against Lemont really showed the team has great heart. Between all the arguing going on with referees, players, coaches, and the crowed, Shepard still managed to stay focused, take smart shots, and play until the end of the game. Unfortunately, the Astros lost 39-46 to Lemont.