The Color Guard of ABS

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The Color Guard of ABS

Alexis Delos Santos, Staff Reporter

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While the national anthem echoed through the crowd, the AFJROTC Color Guard stood solemnly with flag and rifle in hand. The eyes of the audience, as well as, the team and it’s players gazed upon the American flag as tribute and respect was paid towards their country.

Such a scene as this is commonly witnessed by those who attend sporting events and will occur right before the actual game begins.

The most popular sport in which the Color Guard performs at is football, however, they have been known to participate at other sporting events in the past.

This year it has been decided between the AFJROTC and athletic team instructors that Color Guard will begin to perform during the basketball season. Although it might be a sport the Color Guard cadets this year are not used to, performances will still be the same with only a few small adjustments that depend on how much space will be available for the cadets and their ability to present the colors for the teams and spectators.

JROTC instructor Major Daniel Johnson stated  “The goal of Color Guard is to teach our cadets how to properly present and demonstrate respect for the flag throughout the ceremony.”

The AFJROTC Color Guard will usually present the colors at any event whether it be related to sports or not if the national anthem or the pledge of allegiance is featured.

Not only does the Color Guard help create a sense of pride and respect for the flag and our country during events, but it also benefits the cadets who participate in the performances. Johnson stated that “these ceremonies give an opportunity to display what we practice.” He continues by saying, “Since the cadets work hard for such occasions they are always looking for a place to put their practice to good use.”

Sophomore and second year AFJROTC cadet, Jocelyn Anaya said, “The Color Guard has helped her become more coordinated in her marching and it has helped me gain more confidence as a person and as a cadet.”

The AFJROTC Color Guard has always been a significance to sporting events but it has also affected the cadets who are apart of it in a positive way.