A Walk in the Snow

Jocelyn Anaya, Staff reporter

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A Walk In The Snow

Jocelyn Anaya, Staff Reporter


The snow is heavy this year.


I don’t understand how I got dragged into joining the princess to her adventures. I’d prefer to stay in the cabin and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa.While, watching the snow falling.


The princess walks along side of me. As I glance at her, I admire how she is always smiling. She has gone through so much as a princess. She has been through too many cruel and barbarous affliction her parents put her through. Her left eye is a scar, burned by her mother.Yet she is always smiling and trying to keep everything at peace. She has white short hair with sky blue highlights. She also has two different eye colors. On her right eye she has a red pupil and on her left eye she has a sky blue pupil. She’s a couple of inches shorter than me and we both are wearing black jackets although hers is a bit lighter since she isn’t affected by the cold weather. We both are also wearing black hats, gloves, pants and boots. She insisted we matched today.


“Stop your sulking Marven, Just enjoy the walk. You’re always inside the house and its not healthy for you to remain indoors.” She wraps her arm around mine.


This is truly a surreal sight. Princess Joqline with the King of Darkness, Marven Camore. We both are 18 close to the same age,but she is just one year older than me by a month.


I turn my gaze to a tree that is covered in ice. I examine myself for a moment to fix anything out of the ordinary. My jet black hair is combed neatly back, only my bangs to cover my face. The scar on my eye is slowly fading as each year passes. I remember I got this scar on my left eye due to a sword duel when I was just a child. I examine my other scar on my right side. It starts on my chin down to my neck. This is one that will remain with me forever. This was a gift from my dear old father, from disobeying his commands. I am well built do to the amount of training I do everyday to get stronger. I want to surpass my father and Joqline in order to protect her. I avert my gaze from the tree and look forward as I was trained in the military.


“It’s cold princess. I demand we return back to the cabin.” I growl


She lightly punches my arm.


“Well my King, I guess you’re too weak for a little walk in the snow.” She challenges


She let’s go of my arm and I watch her gather a pile of now into her hands. Slowly she rotates her hands in a circular motion.


”Princess, What in the devils are you-”  my words don’t form as a snowball hits my head. I fall to the ground due to the impact and I glare at the princess as I watch her stumble to the ground with laughter.


“You’ll pay for that.” I grumble


She continues to laugh on the ground.I take this opportunity to get up and collect a big pile of snow into my hands.


Joqline gets up and gets distracted by wiping the snow off of her. She has her back turned on me and I take this opportunity to dump the pile of snow I collected into her jacket. She jumps when the snow touches her body. I watch her stumble to the ground once more and she tries to remove the snow from her jacket by taking it off and wiping the snow. She stops and it is her turn to glare at me. I chuckle.


“To be fair princess, you knew this was going to happen. It also seems you started this “game”. My devils, here you are, my dear future wife and yet you know less about your husband.” I point out.


The princess rises up and chuckles as well. I tilt my head and giver her a bewildered look.


“And it seems you had forgotten that your future wife is clever.” She takes a few steps back.


I don’t have the time to process what is going to happen.


A pile of snowflakes fall in front of me slowly. That is when a huge pile of snow from the tree above, falls on top me. I realize now, Joqline had figured the snow from the tree was going to fall sooner or later.  She used that opportunity to make as much movement and noises to get the tree to feel our vibrations in order to be weaken and engulf me.


I get up and shake the snow off of me. I start walking to the direction we came from. She runs up to me and hooks her arm around mine.


“There’s no need to be angry, Marvey. I was just jo-” I shoved snow onto her face that I collected when the pile fell on me.


“It is you that had forgotten who the clever one was.” I mumble


I laugh as I watch the snow melt from her face down to her chin.


“Maybe we should head back to the cabin.” She pouts


“I couldn’t agree more princess.”


She wipes the water away from her face and draws closer to me.


“Once we get home let’s workout to get our bodies warm, drink a cup of hot cocoa, enjoy reading a book by the fire before the big day tomorrow.” She suggest


I grunt in approval. Joqline is a nuisance. I can’t believe I am soon going to get married to her. Yet, I am devoted in loving and protecting her no matter the cost. Until death due us part. I will let nothing touch or harm her in any way. I am her soulmate and we will depend on each other every day. She will always be the light into my soul. I will never admit to her that I love her and I need her.The princess understands this and continues to love me. Even though I will admit this relationship is a bit odd. We will figure this out together not just for our kingdoms but for ourselves. For the meantime she will deal with my attitude and I will deal with her odd adventures.


This Walk In The Snow is something I will treasure forever. For her and my future.