Spectacular season ends on a missed field goal for the Bears

Kyle Reynolds, Staff Reporter

       Almost every person from Chicago knows about the potential that the Chicago Bears had in this 2018 season. The team fell just short of a first round bye, but with home field against the defending Super Bowl champions, expectations were high for a first round victory.

       After the Bears picked up Khalil Mack, who was awarded defensive player of the year in 2016, Eddie Jackson, who was defensive MVP for Alabama in 2016, rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, and many other key players and coaches, the hopes were high for their season.

       The Chicago Bears faced many injuries, Mitchell Trubisky out for weeks 11-12, Eddie Jackson out for weeks 13-16 and the playoffs, Kyle Long out for weeks 6-13, and with all these key players out, they were still able to meet the fans expectations for the regular season.

       The team finished 12-4 in the regular season, and placing first in the NFC North, leading fans to think that 2018 might be their season. This was the first time they placed first in the NFC North division in eight years.

       Even sports reporters saw the potential in this young team, “Many have ogled over the weapons that the Bears have brought in, but it may be the new coaching staff that plays just as big of an impact on a potential turnaround of Chicago’s offense” said reporter Jacob Infante before the season.

       The Chicago Bears had the perfect mix of players and coaches. The offense was thriving and the defense was top in the NFL.

       They led at halftime in every game but let the lead slip away four times, and the playoffs held true to that. All four of their loses in the regular season were within one touchdown.

       In the first round of the playoffs, the Bears played the Eagles, having a great, close, and tense game throughout all four quarters.

       With the last play of the game, the Bears had the chance to win and move on. They missed a 43- yard field goal, knocking them out of the playoffs. All Chicago fans were heartbroken. Many fans took out their frustration on Parkey, while others sympathized with him.

      Chicago news reporter Tracy Wolfson felt sorry for him;  “Feeling for Cody Parkey. I know how I feel when I mess up on air. I can’t stop thinking about it for days. Usually I’m able to get back out there and put it behind me because I have another game, but playoffs does not allow you to do that. Can’t imagine how he’s feeling.”

     For all the wrong reasons Parkey was known nationally. Ironically his appearance on a talk show may have been what ultimately ended his tenure in Chicago. Head coach Nagy felt Parkey made it more about him rather than the team.There are many mixed feelings, but the feeling of disappointment is all around.

       Looking forward to the 2019 season, head coach Matt Nagy believes the team has made some changes already, and will continue to work over the offseason. Chicago fans need to bear down, and keep praying that something will happen in these next couple of seasons.