Hurricane Hamilton

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Hurricane Hamilton

Miracle Sweas, Staff Reporter

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Hamilton. The Broadway theater performance that took the nation by storm is playing again in Puerto Rico, only this time the the proceeds are being used to benefit others.

The production features many of the original cast members, such as Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton.

Miranda is the creator of the famous musical. He has won many awards for his creation including a Tony award, a PrimeTime Emmy award, an Obie award, and an Outstanding Original Music and Lyric award, and many more.

Miranda was born and raised in New York City, though his parents are from and devoted to the island.He is hoping that the running of Hamilton will help with its needs. Miranda also plans to help with the arts on the island by using the production as a fund-raiser. HIs hopes are  to get about 15$ million for the Flamboyant Arts Fund, a Miranda family effort to support Puerto Rico artists.

Miranda originally made roughly 12.5$ million dollars according to data from the Broadway League trade group from Hamilton when it originally came out in 2015.

The musical gets 1.9$ million a week in ticket sales, which means that at that pace it brings in 100$ million a year.

The 24 shows in Puerto Rico are much more than a trip down memory lane. In his efforts Miranda has awarded seven organizations 100,000$ each from a fund that totals 2.5$ million, and it is still expanding. Those organizations are all apart of one goal: to help those affected by Hurricane Maria and those struggling artists on the island.

Hurricane Maria is regarded as the worst natural disaster on the record to affect Dominica and Puerto Rico, and is also the deadliest Atlantic hurricane. Hurricane Maria has taken the lives of 3,057 people during its destruction which lasted 17 days in 2017.

After the devastation, the island had major damage which in total came to 91.6$ billion, which the island is trying to recover with fundraisers and donations. Miranda has done these Hamilton shows to raise money for other sectors of Puerto Rico life to recover. Although it has been a year since the hurricane, Puerto Rico is still recovering and its citizens will continue to help with its recovery.