Winterfest Vs. Turnabout

Adam Safi

As the close of winter is upon us here at Alan B. Shepard, students start to turn their attentions to Winterfest.

Winterfest is a dance hosted by Shepard for students so they can enjoy a fun night like homecoming but in a more casual environment.

  Although most love the idea of having a Winterfest at Shepard, there some that would rather have another form of dance during this time of year at Shepard.

One of those other options would be a Turnabout dance. Turnabout is a bit more formal. Ladies wear fancies dresses and guys wear shirts and ties. Turnabout also gives the ladies the chance to ask instead of the traditional way. 

Overall the general consensus is that most preferred Winterfest to the Turnabout.

We polled twenty freshman and only one student voted for turnabout. A common reason for this result however was because most freshman aren’t willing enough to ask someone to the dance.

Turnabout received few votes from the sophomores. Also only receiving 20% when answered by sophomores because of the fun activities at Winterfest compared to none at a Turnabout.

        At Winterfest there’s tons to do, from a non-stop DJ to a giant game of Chess. There’s even obstacle courses!

        Winterfest dominated Turnabout in voting by Juniors as well earning 95% of votes.

       One junior Allison Coyle, who voted for Turnabout explained the reason for her voting “ With Winterfest you don’t really dress up you can go in sweatpants… I’m more of a dressy person and love to dress up”, said Coyle

        A fair opinion of the dances and a popular one at that. But, that same reason why miss Coyle doesn’t want a Winterfest is the same reason most people do, because of how laid back the event is.

       With Winterfest being so laid back it won senior Sydney Emerson’s vote along with a majority of seniors out voting Turnabout seven to thirteen. Sydney voted for Winterfest because “… it’s cheaper and less stressful for people to get ready…”

        Another valid reasoning for Winterfest is its more affordable. Shirts and ties aren’t as cheap compared to some old outfit you can just throw on.

        No matter which you prefer it’s a no brainer here at Shepard you’ll have a great time with not just your friends, but the school as well.