AFJROTC Summer Camp

Jocelyn Anaya, Staff Reporter

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AFJROTC Summer Camp

Jocelyn Anaya,Staff Reporter

JROTC offers a variety of activities, such as marksmanship team, academic bowl team, recycling teams, cyberpatriot teams, color guard performances, drill practice and many opportunities to earn community service. One in particular would be CLC. CLC stands for Cadet Leadership Camp. This is an activity over the summer in June.

“There are many different locations of camps, each with their own design and curriculum.” said the AFJROTC instructor at Alan.B.Shepard Major Daniel Johnson.” The two we’ve used at Shepard are in Dayton, Ohio and at Scott Air force Base IL, near St Louis.”

Cadets may be offered the opportunity to attend this camp if they have an average grade of an “B” or better. They must also be good in physical condition. Only eight cadets are available to attend this camp due to the limited number of slots for each unit.

“At this camp cadets will experience all sorts of fitness events, leadership events, team building and military drill opportunities.” said Major Johnson.

Depending on the locations of this camp, there are different activities throughout the camp.

A cadet that has graduated Alan.B Shepard has intended the Scott Air force Base IL, near St Louis Nikko Cortez stated, “ It was fun and interesting experience . I learned new interesting stuff about how far I can go and achieve more.”

Cadets are thought and trained by instructors who were in the military and those who are serving right now. These instructors talk about their jobs in the military and their experience. They motivate cadets not to give up and push them to their best.

New Cadets are picked every year in order for each individual to experience a similar aspect of a military life.

“I would fit again because i met other cadets from other schools and learned there experience in JROTC. They had activities that we didn’t have and it was interesting learning what they did and how they are involved in the community,” stated Cortez.

Afjrotc is designed to test the character and leadership of the cadets. It helps them to communicate with other cadets. The CLC experience helps them learn more about themselves and the community around them. It helps cadets become leaders and try new opportunities.

JROTC offers many opportunities to help make a better person of ourselves and gives opportunities for new experiences. It helps cadets to develop a high sense of self confidence. It develops positive life skills and self discipline.

It is an experienced that you will never forget.