Morrow Means so Much to so Many

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Morrow Means so Much to so Many

Aniyah Clemons, Staff Reporter

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You may know him as a student or maybe even a friend, but this year Lavontae Morrow has been described by many as a true speech captain .

Morrow has not only broken almost every competition but took fourth In D.I. (dramatic interpretation) at conference ,first in D.I. place at The Richards Smack Down, and fourth place in both D.D.A. (dramatic duet acting) and D.I. at regionals, at Eisenhower High School. That’s just some of the things he has accomplished this season.

His dedication is very strong.  He has even took his own money to buy things for the other students on the team at competition.

Yelena St. Claire is a sophomore on the speech team who appreciates Morrow and took first place in extemporaneous speaking at regionals,

“ When I first met Lavontae as a freshman he made it clear he was open to help with anything I needed,” said St. Clair. “He made me feel welcome and is not just a teammate to me but a mentor and good friend.”

In addition, Morrow will be going to sectionals double entered in both D.D.A. and D.I. his main coach is English teacher Mary Ellen Fawk.

“ It’s a very rare thing to come across to student as hard-working and passionate about speech as Lavontae,” said Fawk. “We’ve had lots of talented speakers, but Lavontae is always looking for ways to improve, and has overcome all the little small things he needed to work on like articulation. He wants to go to Bradley university and join their speech team and I believe even teach it one day.”

Morrow is motivated to do his best. “ I always want to put my best foot forward , and even though I might not might not win sometimes I love to get my point across and just have my voice heard,” said Morrow.

According to Lavonate articulation and finding the right piece to suit him were two of the biggest obstacles he’s had to overcome. “

My favorite part of speech is really just the environment and everyone being so supportive,” said Morrow. “ No matter if they’re from a different school or not. I have made a lot of friends”