9 P.M. Routine Becomes Nationwide

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9 P.M. Routine Becomes Nationwide

Kyle Reynolds, Staff Reporter

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       One thing you may have been seeing trending more on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter is people using the hashtag 9p.m. routine. In August of 2018, a small town in Florida named Pasco County introduced police departments to posting something on social media that reminds local citizens to lock valuables, turn on a light outside and stay safe.

       This project started out very local, and over the course of six months, it has grown nationwide. Many people have grown to love this trend and find it very helpful due to the simplicity and it has made a impact.

       According to Tampa Bay Times, Pasco’s goal was to ‘Cut down on easily preventable burglaries’, and they firmly believe that “it has been 100 percent positive.”

       While trying to figure this plan out a couple of years ago, Pasco County Sheriff’s Office did research and found out that most break-in happen between 9p.m. and 6a.m.. They thought posting a checklist at 9p.m. that homeowners could follow and do would help reduce easily preventable burglaries.

       Police departments also see a increase of break-ins during the summer. They hope to change or lower that statistic this summer with the help of the 9p.m. routine.

       Even Chicago sub-areas are using the hashtag 9p.m. routine. Local towns, Crestwood, Alsip, and Palos have all posted on their social media’s reminding residents to lock up and stay safe.

       Alsip police department is proud to join this movement, and even shared a map on their twitter account that shows how much this campaign is taking over.

       This strategy is kicking off strong, “Over a short period of time, they saw their auto crime overall reduced by 36 per cent, and they relate some of that to their 9 p.m. routine campaign.”

       Pasco County Sheriff’s Office is shocked on how big this has gotten and it looks like it is here to stay. They wish to get everyone they can in on the 9p.m. routine and make the world a safer place.