Shepard Skaters Bring Home the Gold!

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Shepard Skaters Bring Home the Gold!

Ixchel Salgado, Editorial Editor

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Shepard High School Sophomore Gia Swanson and Junior Jenna Bader brought home the gold! They Traveled to Milan, Italy to compete in the Spring Cup competition for synchronized skating.


While in a Milan there were many highlights to this trip, the girls got to go sightseeing, achieved their goals, and of course had the chance to represent the USA.


“It was cool seeing all the famous shops and the big cathedral,” said Bader, “Competition was of course the biggest highlight since we won and it’s definitely a memory I will never forget.”  


“Competing and taking home the gold were definitely the main highlights of the trip” said Swanson. “However, walking in downtown Milan and visiting the Duomo were also big highlights of the trip.”


Heading into the rink Bader felt many emotions. “At first I was nervous, but

excited,” stated Bader. “As the days went on during practices I was very confident and comfortable at the rink.”


Swanson on the other hand came in confident and ready to compete, “Going into the rink, I felt confident I knew that we needed to do our jobs to win,” she added.


Both Bader and Swanson have accomplished their dream! All their hard work has for sure paid off. The desire to achieve their goals was all the motivation they needed.


Bader stated some of her goals she set for herself going to the competition: “Goals I set for myself was of course trying my best and never holding back,” stated Bader.


Swanson added: “Our teams goal was to bring home the gold.”


They have worked so hard to get this far in their skating career. All the hard work they have been putting into their practices has paid off.


Heading into Milan, and having to compete against people from different countries can be intimidating, yet,the experience weight too big for Jenna, “The crowd was very diverse and inspiring. There were people from all over Europe from different countries. They were waving flags and were representing their country as we were doing the same.”