Prom Announcement


Macayla Alvarado , Staff Reporter

This years prom sponsored by, Juan Cruz and Brenda Heenan, will be held on April 26 at Navy Pier’s Crystal Gardens as it has been through previous years. Ran through the hours of 6pm to 11pm, the event will include delicious food and beverages, dancing, and photo booths.

Cruz and Heenan would like to include that Prom is a celebration for Seniors and their four years of hard work, and the weekend of prom should be time taken to make wise decisions and stay safe before, during, and after the dance.

Prior to purchasing a ticket, all current fees must be paid off, a prom contact must be filled out, and if a Shepard student chooses to bring a guest under the age of 21 or from another high school a guest pass must be completed as well.

As far as ticket sales go, all tickets will go on sale on April 8-12 for $100. If tickets are purchased between April 13-18 they will be sold for $110. After April 18, no more tickets will be issued. Tickets can be paid for with cash or money orders but no checks will be allowed.

If the weather treats us right, Ferris Wheel tickets will be sold for $12. In 2018, there was lightning in the forecast and all ticket sales for the Ferris Wheel were refunded.

So Seniors, remember to pay off any school fees from now until April 3 and fill out all forms necessary if you wish to attend prom this year.