Estrada Hits His Mark

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Estrada Hits His Mark

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Returning regional qualifier Cadet Dominic Estrada took the trip to Ohio to compete for his third and last time at the JROTC Marksmanship Regionals on Jan. 23.

Out of 35 Cadets from various states, he placed 12. Cadet Estrada and his fellow teammates practice two times a week, at 6 a.m. starting shooting before school. Occasionally a third practice is
added for those individuals competing at a higher level.

Master Sergeant Christopher Saberniak stated, “He is a key member of the team. Every year he has shown improvement.”

Saberniak adds that the team has only had two other cadets compete at this level before, but also states that Estrada has been the team’s best marksman the past three years.

Saberniak stated, “Overall, he has done very well and believe he will be competitive at the next level after high school. He is the only Shepard cadet to have advanced three years in a row to the

The cadets are split into two teams, one lead by Saberniak and the other by JROTC Senior Instructor Major Daniel Johnson. Saberniak leads his portion of the team at six o’clock sharp Mondays and Wednesdays while his counterpart leads on Tuesdays and Fridays.

JROTC is something that means a great deal to Estrada. Estrada describes this experience as one of the best experiences of his entire life. It has helped him meet people, allowed him to challenge
himself, and allowed him to represent Alan B. Shepard.

Every year, 15 Cadets are selected to compete on the marksmanship team, consisting of both returning and new cadets. Out of 15 cadets, Estrada was the only one to advance to the regional competition.

In order to be selected for the team, cadets have to take a safety test, and score a perfect score. Cadets are given a packet to study from and then are given the test at the regular practice time of six in
the morning before school.

“The competition each year has been difficult,” Estrada states, “but I am always ready to push myself to become better at what I do.”

Estrada feels a sense of pressure to do his absolute best. “I always want to push myself,” said Estrada. “Knowing that I am representing my school is eye opening. Everyone is counting on me to do great and I really like showing off what I can do.”