SAT Shenanigans

SAT Shenanigans

Ahviona Wilson Cobbins, Staff Reporter

One thing that seems to be an inevitable part of high school is standardized test.The most important test for high school students is the SAT test.


The SAT test serves several important functions,for many the results of that test will determine whether or not a student will or will not be accepted It is also used for placement in some cases.SAT results can earn people scholarships as well as the college of their choice.PSAT stands for Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test,This is important because it gives you a glimpse of the official test that your going to take junior year.Then when you get to junior year there’s an SAT test which stands for Scholastic Assessment Test which will be instrumental to your college plans.


The test is taken in April of junior year but by then students will have an opportunity to take the PSAT test twice, to measure their progress’ along the way,When you get close to taking it your going to start freaking out and looking for SAT prep help besides Khan Academy and what we have at Shepard which is junior workroom,  We need after school classes,just classes in general that gives you more preparation without it being limited and a time limit whenever the kid is ready he or she should be ready to sign up and be accepted because there is a lot of other things they have to worry about and then here comes the big test. The student have no classes or anything to take hands on, There is only online classes.

I am not saying that the teachers and there teaching method aren’t enough but from previous practice testing for it most of the things i’ve been learning has nothing to do with what’s on the test so I am saying do more hands on SAT preparatory classes that actually that actually have similar things that’s on the test also test strategies that’s

going to help us on the test.It needs to be apart of our daily curriculum at least one day a week.

Overall I am saying preparation for the test needs to be incorporated more into our curriculum , recommending one day out the week from our math science and reading teachers where we just do SAT preparatory or at least a program that happens one day out of the week for each subject so we could be more prepared for the test.