Jocelyn Anaya, Staff Reporter

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Staff Reporter, Jocelyn Anaya


I walk around the kingdom. I watch the guards and servants shuffle away from me, out of fear. Of course as don’t blame them. They should fear me. I am the King of Darkness, King Marven Camore.

I would say I enjoy their fear, but that would be a lie. Due to them fearing me, they take awhile to finish the command I gave them. Everyone in this castle does,except for the princess of course. She has no fear towards anyone. This is because of the hell she had to endure from her parents.

The princess isn’t like us royals. She’s sweet, caring, and extremely intelligent. She shows mercy, unlike us. We kill for our own satisfaction and we believe no one deserves any of our mercy.

I woke up this morning to find the little princess down the hallway.

It’s been bothering me for awhile to understand how she can remain calm, collected and patient after everything she still goes through.

I am the King of Darkness. I have never searched for the light that I need.

As I walk down the hallway the servants rush down past me. They now notice the princess, but she’s not alone.

“The princess! And your Majesty!” one of the servants gasps

“Please just call me Joqline. No need to be formal.” She proposed

“Y-yes ma’am.” The servant stutters and runs off the opposite direction from the princess and King.

I see Joqline flank around the corner. She’s smiling. Her smile is so genuine it makes my heart flutter. It’s an odd sensation. I have never felt such a thing before.

As Joqline walks alongside her father, she seems to be stiff. But she seems at ease when someone passes by her. Once she’s alone with the king, she looks troubled.

The Princess and King look similar. She has sky blue hair as her highlights and her right pupil is blue like her father. They both have caramel tan skin. The difference between both of them would be the burnt scare on Joqline’s left eye and the height. The princess is shorter than the King.

I lean against the pilar close to me. I hear them say.

“Why must you be so kind to the peasants.” The King says calmly

“Because father they all should be treated equally just like us. They are not peasants” She points out.

“Honestly what kind of daughter did I raise. Were my punishments not enough.” He chuckles

I watch Joqline shudder. She straightens her back and says:

“ Your punishments have served the purpose of making me a ruthless person like you are. I’ll follow my own path.”

The King chuckles “My dear, don’t forget I am the King of Death. I determine how your faith will go. I merely am enjoying myself. My punishments are meant to break you down to pieces in order for you to be my weapon and be the ruthless Queen this universe needs.”

I watch Joqline stop walking and looks at the ground. The King also stops walking and looks at her. He closes his eyes and smiles at her.

“You have been through a living hell already. You’ve been trained by ruthless warriors ever since you were a mere child. I did this for your benefit and the kingdoms. You’ve seen how disappointing this universe is. We may be the strongest universe out of ten others. But, we have very high populated planets. We need to reduce the numbers. You will reduce these numbers by killing as many people as you did in the war eleven years ago. When you enjoyed being a ruthless murderer.”The king smiles

Joqline sighs. She looks up and makes eye contact with me. The princess looks sad. Her eyes tell a different story from the kings such as guilt and anger.

“ I wouldn’t have murdered all those innocent lives if I were out of the castle walls. Never once was I allowed to explore the outside world. I was always stuck in these walls.” The princess gestures towards the hallways and walls. “ I never had the opportunity to know the truth about the people, their cultures, the animals and activities. I never wanted anyone dead. I didn’t want to lose my best friends, my brother and you. You were an influence to me before mother brainwashed you.” Joqline laughs. “ The only person that deserves to  die is the king himself. Father I don’t know in the hell you’ve managed to be like this. You’ve ruined people’s hope and their lives. I know that, when I become queen i’ll become the opposite from you. I’ll be stronger than you and better.” Joqline turns around and leaves her father speechless.

He looks annoyed. The king hollars after Joqline but she ignores him. When she flanks around the corner, I catch a glimpse of her face. A tear rolls off her face.

King Silvius does not go after Joqline instead he continues to walk towards the throne room.

I lean off the pillar and decide to go after Joqline. The king spots me. I growl under my breath and try to walk past him.

“You know Marven it isn’t respectful not to greet another royal. Such as myself.”

“Of course I’m aware. Although I don’t respect royals that are weaker and below my ranks. Your Majesty. Please be aware that I am the King of Darkness and your just the King of murder.”I say confidently

I hear Silvius sighs under his breath and walks away.

I avert my attention back to where the princess had left. I assume she went back to her room.

I pass down the castle walls. I see pictures of the princess family when they were younger. Her older brother is in the picture but nowhere to be seen on this planet. It was told that he travels around the universe for his own curiosity. The hallways are all painted white and sky blue which would represent the royal colors. Such as my colors would be black and green. The colors I am wearing now.

There’s also windows that are open. The snow is seen falling down to the ground and on the pine trees. The snow never stops in the Kingdom of Throne. This is something that I do fancy. I always enjoyed the cold it never has bothered me.

I finally come across Joqline’s quarters. Her door has two colors red which represents fire and blue which represents ice. It’s made out of wood. She’s the only one that has a wooden door while the others are made out of glass or metal.

I don’t knock her door and walk in her room. She’s on the floor in her bra and leggings doing push-ups She hasn’t noticed me so I slowly close the door and walk towards her.The princess stops, looks at my direction and continues on.

“What do you want Marven?” She huffs

“Am I not allowed to see my wife?”, I joked.

She gets up, walks towards me and halts.

“Oh, Does my dear husband need attention. I’ll gladly guide you out of my room and into yours where all your “girlfriends” are,” she said sarcastically

“First of all your highness, I don’t have any “girlfriends” besides my wife which is you. Second I don’t need attention from you. Lastly you stormed off when your father mentioned about your past.” I pause and sigh. “Joqline may I please hear your childhood story.”

She looks surprised. She walks toward her bed and sits. Joqline wraps her arms across her chest. It looks like she’s shedding herself from something.

She looks up. “Sit.” She orders.

I don’t say anything and sit next to her.

“I-I don’t know where to start,”she stutters

“ Alright. Right after I turned eight I was put through the test. Meaning they tortured me in every way you can think of. Such as surviving a weak with broken limbs in the forest. Going against stronger opponents without using your power, while they use there’s. The put me through hell because they found out I have unlimited powers. You know like my main powers would be ice and fire because of my mother and father. But, I have powers that other people may or may not have. They pushed me through my limits because of this. They taught me how to fight and stay strong, emotionally and physically to be the greatest, ruthless, and coldness fighter in the universe. Let me remind you.”

She rotates her body to face me and makes eye contact. “ I was just like them. My mother and father. I never left the castle walls and I have always thought this world was cruel. I never knew what was good and what was bad. I was broken. I only follow commands or the rules that we’re giving to me because I was afraid. So when the war with the planets happen eleven years ago it was also the time when I just didn’t care what happen. I wanted people dead and enjoy their pain. “For fun.” Just like my father said. Once the bloodshed was over. I was back to intense training once more, but this time it was more difficult than before. On my tenth birthday, we had a normal training session. Just regular mile runs, push ups, sit ups, pull ups, and sparring sessions. I thought it was weird. Which confirmed my suspicions. Then father bear hugged me from behind and mother was standing in front of me. She raised her flames until they were bright blue and burned my left eye.” She covered her scar.

“She said with this burned scar.I will always remember the love of my mother. I was so disgusted after this. That’s all I remember. I’m still trying to regain my memory since father erased it so he can replace me with another abusive family, which now doesn’t as bad as my childhood. But now I’m here back “home” with my father. Although this time I can leave whenever.”

Joqline removes her hand and looks at me. She smiles. “But I’m much more sane now and aware of my actions.”

I instantly get up. I’m speechless. Joqline sighs

“This is a normal reaction. This is why I don’t tell people about my childhood. It’s personal. You can leave or stay. I’m going to shower and rest. I have something to do tonight.”

She gets up and walk towards the bathroom. I sit back down. I’ve never thought the princess would go through so much at such a young age. We’re both about the same age and we’ve been through similar hell. I usually don’t show emotion. Both me and Joqline has been through the military bearings and training. I know that the pain they put us through was unbearable. Especially if we’re royals. We need to be put in every possible situation if it ever comes to that we know how to respond. Joqline and I were partners at base. We did the same missions and went through the pain and always succeeded. One in particular was, we were given a mission to go into the depths of an underground tunnels. We roamed the tunnels carefully. What we didn’t notice was that they enemies were in camouflage and knocked me and her out. When I was awoken, I was welcomed with a whip. They scar my whole body and left me with only blood dripping down my body. Once they were done they through me in a lake of ice and locked me there. Although I was able to escape with ease due to my power of destruction. Everything I touch turns to dust or evaporates to thin air. Joqline on the other hand was faced with the same punishments but was raped. I found her in a room with bodies on the floor. When I looked at her it had looked like she was crying but she just faced me and told me we were done here. We returned back to base and got cleaned up. I asked what had happen to her and she said she got raped and abused just like I did as if it were nothing. She raised her shirt and showed me her bandages indicating we went through the same treatment. We passed our assignment by killing the enemies at the tunnels.

I lay on her bed and think. She’s been here for me in every twist and turn. She’s saved me and helped me when I needed her. She’s the only person that has seen me in my weakest state. Joqline is the only one that takes me seriously and takes my feelings for granted. Never have I ever appreciated her or been there for her. I have always been that cold and ruthless King of Darkness.

I close my eyes. I will stay with her and protect her. That’s a promise I made for myself and I’m a man of my word. I can not let Joqline be forgotten. I want the universe to know the She is going to be out queen some day.

She will be remembered.