Spring Break is Finally Here!


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Spring Break sign with beach background

Lilly King, Feature Editor

Spring break is on its way!  Here at Shepard our spring break begins on Monday March 25 and then students return on Monday April 1.  This one week break allows students to take a break from school, spend time with friends, go on a trip, or do a number of other activities.

55 students from Shepard were asked what their plans are for Spring Break, about 30% are planning on leaving the state to go on a trip, while the other 70% have plans to stay home.  Most of the 30% is made up of students traveling to Florida or Costa Rica, where a school trip is taking place.

Those going on a school trip to Costa Rica will experience cooking, zip lining, visiting waterfalls, and other fun activities.

One student in particular Rini Heredia, is either traveling to London, England or Houston, Texas for spring break.  The reason it seems to be such a last minute decision is because her parents get free flights, therefore they won’t decide until they get to the airport.  If they end up going to London they will be visiting University of Manchester, if the end up flying to Houston she and her family will be looking at Texas A & M – both are good schools for meteorology which is what she wants to be.

The student who will be staying home listed a few activities they will be doing to stay entertained and make the most of their break – some of the activities are; hanging out with friends, watching movies, taking a trip downtown, practicing for the sport they are in, and the not so popular option studying for the SAT’s.

All of the students who took the poll also explained what their ideal spring break would include.  Almost everyone said going on a trip to somewhere warm with friends and family for the week would be their dream spring break.

Astro Isabella Ramirez went into depth saying that her ideal Spring Break is to revisit Sedona, Arizona.  She would like to visit some canyons, one being the Grand Canyon, she previously went to when she visited Arizona last time.

According to a website called the odysseyonline.com, some recommended ideas for spring break, are to go on a small day trip to another town, go thrifting, go hiking take pictures, read a book, and even google things to do in Illinois to make the most of your break.

One specific student from Shepard who is spending their Spring Break at home is Halie Kinder.  She explained that she is going to spend her time working, playing softball, hanging out with friends, and visiting family.

Hopefully this article helped inspire you to have a great time off and make the most of your break whether you are traveling or not.