Spirit Week for Winterfest!!


Ixchel Salgado, Editor Editor

The temperature may be freezing, but that didn’t stop the student’s at Shepard High School from having a great time at Winterfest 2019.

The students voted and with over a 1000 votes, the spirit week days were chosen. Starting with the favorite “Pajama Da.,” Students also voted to dress up for sports day, blackout day, meme day, and of course Shepard colors day.

My Boom Tour returned to visit the lunch periods to provide a sample of what students would listen to at Winterfest. They awarded the best dancers t-shirts to represent that night.

But of course, the awards did not stop there. The students who purchased tickets the first two days of sales were entered in a raffle for a chance to receive VIP passes. The winners were as follows: Nia Heard, Dan Hoge, Sharonda Nixon, Justyna Staszel, Julissa Morales, Connor Farrell, Theresa Baudo, Devyn Montgomery, Tomia Thompson, Leo Mullin, Abigail Michaels, Linnea Marsh, Sebastian Fitzpatrick, Edwin Rodriguez, Graciella Ramirez, and Sharonda Nixon.

The pep rally was as lively as it could be. With a dazzling performance from the Chicago Boyz Acrobatics Team, the students and teachers could barely contain themselves. Martavious Owten is a freshman here at Shepard that has traveled to Canada, China, the Bahamas, Mexico, Chile, and all 50 states with Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team.

The Power Basketball game was also a crowd favorite. “ The power basketball game is my favorite assembly. It is not only entertaining but shows how compassionate and caring our students can be,” said teacher Mike Smith.

“The assembly was one of my favorites! Not only was the Special Olympics basketball game was a ton of fun, but the addition of the acrobatic troupe, the Chicago Boyz, was stellar.” said Gina Hanna, one of the organizers of Winterfest. “I am very happy about the high level of spirit by the entire student body.”

VIP winner Julissa Morales enjoyed the event.

“At the Winterfest, the music could have been better but being with my closest friends, I had a great time,” said Morales, “being a VIP member, I think it is better than having a regular ticket because I was able to get in early without any trouble and I was able to do the activities and games before everyone else came in.

Students and staff considered the event a success and several students are looking forward to next year’s festivities.dance.