Boxing Club

Miracle Sweas, Staff Reporter

A new boxing club has started at Shepard High School by English teacher Ivan Marquez.

He created the club for students who were curious about boxing., “I created boxing club after talking to some students who were interested in the subject of boxing,” stated Marquez. “I wanted to create a place for those who wish to learn the basics of boxing while also developing those who have experience.”

Marquez teaches the students various techniques to help with their boxing abilities. He teaches them how to punch correctly; the students punch pool noodles,also known as “hit sticks”. They also work on footwork by  going around a cone to help with movement. This is known in the club as “cutting an angle”.

Currently Marquez is the only one running the club, although he thinks the club may eventually spread to the other schools in the district.

“I think this club could become popular around the district. I have spoken with administrators at other buildings about branching out. It would be fun to see where that goes,” Marquez stated.

The members of the boxing club range from having some experience to absolute newcomers to the sport.

“Boxing attracts people from all different walks of life” said Marquez. “Ask 100 people why they want to box and you will get 100 different answers. Anyone who wants to try to get fit while learning a new skill would enjoy the club, especially those who wish to develop and test their boxing ability.”

Though the students cannot spare in the club, Marquez does help the students by taking a boxing club and flat mitts and having a couple minutes with him hitting those mitts in the style that he has taught them.

The club also goes down to the weight room during practice in which they use bars to help strengthen muscle. “Boxing club is different than going to the gym because you are not only working out, but also learning the drills and skills you will encounter when you walk into any boxing gym. The work outs one also very high endurance as I train students the way I would train Golden Gloves competitors.” Marquez said.

Senior Marcus O’Neal summed up what the club has meant to him. “I joined boxing club because I found a great joy in the martial arts,” said O’Neal. “When I found a club that could satisfy my new found love I quickly jumped for boxing. It might not be as fancy as other martial arts but it definitely has a valid place among them both offense and self defense.”