Senioritis at its best

Senioritis at its best

Nadia amoah, Staff reporter






As many colleges have begun sending out acceptance letters these past few weeks and in the upcoming months many college-bound high school seniors are often becoming overwhelmed with scholarship applications, writing essays and getting started on financial aid. On top of the daily burden they face in school, on top of everything balancing that with extracurricular activities, a job and also keeping up with their social life.

Many students think I’m done with high school. I got accepted to a college and high school just isn’t as important anymore. Grades begin to plummet and leave everything that took time and effort begins to shatter all within a matter of months for students.

The truth is, colleges will take notice of this. Most decision letters from colleges usually include a line that reads Your admission is contingent on continued successful performance which is the last official step to get into the college of the students choice. In order to do that however your counselor would have to submit in a final transcript or “final report” to admissions. This shows your last and final grades for your senior year, which most likely wasn’t available when you sent a copy of your transcript to colleges for consideration. This is often what happens seniors when you let up on your grades and your college finds out.

* Scholarships rescinded
* Reduction in merit-based financial aid packages
* Starting the college search all over again

Keeping all this in mind, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Failing classes will not produce enough credits during the senior year could be a huge setback to graduation.
The College Board, which administers both the SATs and the ACT Good luck to all seniors and do graduations and hopefully, we can all make it through together.