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(Photo Courtesy of Google).

(Photo Courtesy of Google).

McKenzie Reh, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World has flown onto the big screen. This is the third movie in the How to Train Your Dragon movie series. This film is classified as an action fantasy movie. It is loosely based on the book series called How To Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell.
According to IMDB (The Internet Movie Data Base), it was given a 7.9/10. It has made over $473 million worldwide.
This movie follows events that unfold a year later than the events in the previous film. Hiccup, Toothless, and the other dragon riders continue on their quest to recue captured dragons and bring them back to Berk. These new dragons along with the dragons they have already rescued leads to overcrowding.
This causes Hiccup to begin his mission in search of the “Hidden World.” The “Hidden World” is a place believed to be a safe haven for dragons. Trouble ensues when a dragon hunter named Grimmel the Grisly makes his mission to capture Toothless, so he can use him as the alpha in order to control the other dragons.
Grimmel plans on using a white female fury that he had previously captured in order to lure Toothless to him. Toothless first sees the white fury in the woods, which Astrid names the Light Fury, and the two instantly fall in love. However, their connection is broken when the Light Fury gets scared by the presence of Hiccup and flies away. After the first encounter with the Light Fury, Hiccup finds dragon traps in the forest that were set by Grimmel that were meant to capture Toothless.
Later that night, Grimmel pays Hiccup a visit in his house unaware that Hiccup prepared an ambush to capture him. However, Grimmel escaped and burned down Hiccup’s house along with part of Berk. Hiccup knows the dragons are no longer safe in Berk so he rallies all of the villagers and dragons and they set out on a quest to find the Hidden World.
They eventually decide to rest on an island they discovered and they start to settle there. The Light Fury continues to appear, but still keeps her distance from people. So, Hiccup rebuilds an automatic tail for Toothless, which allows him to fly on his own.
After the tail is put in place, Toothless flies away to go meet the Light Fury and after finding her they fly to an unknown land. Hiccup is soon made aware that Grimmel is approaching their location with his army, so he forms another plan to capture Grimmel, which fails and they barely escape. One of the Vikings, Ruffnut is captured by Grimmel, but she annoys him to the point where he lets her go and then secretly follows her to the Berkians’ new location.
As Grimmel approaches closer and closer to the new location, Hiccup and Astrid set out to find Toothless. On their journey, they come across the Hidden World where they see Toothless and the Light Fury leading the other dragons in the Hidden World. One of the dragons soon discovers the presence of Astrid and Hiccup and the dragons attempt to attack them.
Toothless recues them and returns them back to the island where Hiccup realizes that the Hidden World wouldn’t be safe for the villagers to live with their dragons. Grimmel appears and captures Toothless and the Light Fury. He was also able to capture the rest of the dragons because of Toothless’s alpha status. Will Hiccup find a way to rescue Toothless and the rest of the dragons from Grimmel’s grasp? Watch the movie to find out.