Prom at the Pier


(Photo Courtesy of Odyssey)

Emilie Bowman & McKenzie Reh, Editor-in-Chiefs

Mesmerizing, memorable, magical. These are three of many words that could be used to describe this year’s prom. Prom was a night filled with beauty and elegance with the ladies in their glamorous dresses and the gentlemen by their sides in striking suits and tuxedos.
Walking into Crystal Gardens felt like walking into a fairytale because it was incredibly decorated and everybody was so beautiful.
It felt like we were seeing royalty whenever we saw how amazing people looked. It actually took us a few seconds to recognize some of the people at prom based on the fact that they looked so different from how they usually do at school.
Taking place at Navy Pier’s, Crystal Gardens, music and laughter filled the air throughout the night. Before heading downtown, students gathered at Water’s Edge Golf Course in Worth to take pictures with friends and family in order to commemorate the memory of their final dance together.
Once in downtown Chicago, students took advantage of the beautiful water, skyline, and weather, taking pictures outside, before heading into Navy Pier and ascending the stairs to the Crystal Gardens.
“Crystal Gardens was really beautiful, especially at night time with all of the lights, and the scenery was also beautiful,” said senior, Karina Avila.
Students and guests were then greeted with palm trees, streaming fountains, and twinkling lights, adding an extra air of magic to the night.
“It was really pretty and nicely decorated. The water fountains also added a nice touch,” said senior, Marcus O’Neal.
The night began with a variety of country songs being played as each student was entering and choosing their tables, which helped liven up the mood.
The tables were exquisitely decorated with white table cloths along with a couple of lit candles.
“I really liked how everything was decorated because it made me feel happy to be there,” stated senior, Hailey Wreza.
After the students had decided upon their seating arrangements, most of them went to get something to eat from the buffet table (including chicken, salads, pasta, grilled seasonal vegetables, cookie/brownie/cheesecake squares, and oven roasted potatoes) or they went to quench their thirst by going to get one of the several drinks (including Pepsi and kiddy cocktails) that were offered at a separate table.
“The food offered was alright, but there were limited options available,” said Wreza.
Professional photographers were walking around the ballroom, taking pictures of all of the students and there was even a free photo booth that was available to any students who desired a momento to help them remember that timeless evening.
“The services offered at prom were impeccable and it was very nicely organized,” said senior, Sade Cook.
As the sun began to set and the lights of the Centennial Wheel had begun to shine, most people started to hit the dance floor where they had the chance to show off their stunning dance moves, while listening to a variety of popular beats.
As the night went on, a couple of beach balls were thrown out into the crowd where they were passed around the dance floor and eventually a dance contest broke out. There were about seven couples that participated in the Fifth Annual Dance Contest.
“It was extremely difficult to eliminate anyone,” said Juan Cruz. “Finally, we got down to two couples: Sherman Dixon and Emma Horstmann and Jamilet Catalan and her guest, Alex.”
Catalan and Alex ended up being the undefeated champions of the contest and in order to crown the winning couple, the DJ played some hip hop and meringue.
At around 8:30, about 30 or more students left in order to experience the excitement of riding the Centennial Wheel, which stands 196 feet tall. “We waited until it was dark enough to appreciate the city skyline,” said Cruz.
Before the night began to wind down, the prom king and queen were announced. In a landslide win, Chris Harrison won prom king and Na’Kari Douglas won prom queen.
Afterwards, most students continued to dance until the clock struck eleven and confetti rained down from the sky, signaling the end of prom.
As soon as we walked through the doors to Crystal Gardens, we couldn’t stop smiling. It was a really fun night and we will never forget it.
When asked what his favorite part of prom was, Cruz replied, “As always, I enjoy taking pictures with my seniors. Apart from that, I always enjoy the dance contest.”
“It’s wild to see our kids dressed up and looking so grown up. I enjoy being part of their four year journey that culminates in prom and then graduation,” said Cruz.