Summer Fun

Jocelyn Anaya, Staff Reporter

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Summer fun

Staff Reporter:Jocelyn Anaya


A bright light peaks through the window, shining onto my eyes. I slowly open my eyes as the morning sun warms my skin. I sit up and stretch my limbs. Marven grumbles next to me as he covers his eyes with a blanket.

“ Time to wake up, Marven,” I groggily say.

“Yes princess,” he yawns.

“The sun seems to be bright and warm now a day,” I say.

“So it seems.” He pauses “so what of it.” He waves off

“We should go on a three day summer break,” I suggest

“What?!” he growls

Now Marven sits up. His hair is messy and he’s showing his fangs as he frowns. This man gets easily annoyed, but of course since he’s the King of Darkness.

“Look Marven, we are always buy with military and royal duties. We should have time to relax our minds and bodies,” I say.

Marven growls once more.

“Nonsense, my mind and body are calm. I don’t need a break,” he scoffs.

I remain quiet for a few seconds before I sigh.

“So be it I’ll be going out these three days alone. If you need me I’ll be in the forest inside a cabin. Otherwise, I’ll be sending my father and my superiors an email,” I say.

I get up and walk over to my desk and started typing on my laptop. Marven makes some noise by throwing the blankets harshly to the ground as he grumbles to himself. He gets up and walks over to my desk. He leans next to me and growls.

“ If I go how will it benefit me?” he asks.

“I’ve already answered that,” I respond.

“How about what will we be doing within these three days?” iI stop typing and focus he asked in an irritated tone.

I lean back on my chair and cross my arms. I laughed.

“My,my If I tell you, you’ll complain and say it’s stupid. If I don’t tell you, you’ll be more curious and anticipate what’s going to happen throughout those three days,’ I say calmly.

“Joqline, tell me what the damn trip is!” he says much more angrily this time.

“Someone woke up on the wrong side of bed.” I mumble

Marven growls ferociously.

“Fine, since your in no mood for games, we are going to go hiking, swimming and doing other outdoor activities. I guess you can consider it as survival skills or training,” I carefully say.

Marven just stares. It seems as if he’s studying my face.

“Hey, there’s no monkey business going on. Please consider it,” I whine.

He leans forward and grabs my chair to turn it so that I’ll be facing him fully. He puts his hands on either side of the armrest and leans towards me.

“I’ll go if you let me choose what to do on the third day,” He smirks.

“ Fine.” I say a little too quickly

Friday Morning

“Marven, are you ready to go?,” I call out.

“Yes your highness, give me a minute,” he yells back.

I’ve packed our backpacks with a few pairs of clothing, body accessories and other things we might need for this trip. Right now it’s 13:01. I have about 10 hours to plan for today. I’m planning to go for a mini hiking trip in the forest and if we are lucky to find a lake, we’ll go for a swim. I hope this is going to be to his liking.

“Marven,” I call out once more.

He comes out of the kitchen with a water bottle and car keys. He hands me the keys and walks out the front door. I chuckle. Marven stops in his tracks and looks at me with a bewildered look.

“Why are you chuckling?” He asked me curiously.

“Welll I see that your excited to go onthis trip more than I am. Your usually scolding and complaining on going somewhere besides the house,” I said.

I watch Marven blush. He looks away embarrassed. I know he despises when I call him on his sweet and good side of him. He hates being caught when he’s in the act of enjoying something pure and wonderful. He’s not use to it because he always lived in a dark and isolated kingdom that was always consumed by darkness and death. He didn’t have a lot of opportunities to explore the good side of the world due to his new position.

I walk out of the house and lock it. I walk towards him and pat him on his shoulder.

“Come on Your Majesty, the forest awaits for us,” I answer.

He walks next to me and gets in the passenger seat. I put our backpacks in the trunk and get in the driver seat. Start the car and drive.

Marven breaks the silence with a fake cough. I notice that he is still blushing.

“What are we doing today as on day one, Princes?,” he asks.

“ I was planning that we can go hiking and if we are lucky, we find a lake so we can go swimming,” I respond.

“I see. Are we doing this after we explore the cabin and settle in?,” he asks.

“ That is correct, your majesty,” I answer.

It takes us an hour until we arrive at the cabin. We got a small place. We didn’t want anything big that would cause awareness in the community that we are here.

I park the car in front of the reception office to check in.

“ I’ll be right back Marven,” I say.

He nods

I get out off the car and walk inside the office. A beautiful lady is in the desk writing a few things down onto a paper. I notice that she has brown hair and blue eyes. She has beautiful dark skin and is wearing a white uniform. As I got to her desk she looked so familiar. I glance down to see her name.

Juliette Anderson

“Juliette?” I question

She looks at me confused, but once we make eye contact I notice that I do know her.This is my best friend. We grew up together. Earlier in our younger years we were separated due to a major accident and haven’t been able to get in touch since then.

“Joqline,” She gasps.

“I haven’t seen you in so long. What have you been up too and how is life treating you?”She grumbles.

“You don’t sound pleased. But you of all people know how my life is and what my duties are. We both understand how pitiful and ruthless my superiors have been. If you’re worried I will tell people your location., you must not worry. As of now I do not know you,” I wave off

She smiles and plays along

“ Well now maam. How may I help you?,” she asks.

“ Well my husband and I have signed up for a cabin in the forest. I wanted to check in and if you could tell us what directions I can take to get there,” I respond.

“Of course,” She smiles once more

She turns towards the computer on her right and starts typing a few thing and then she says

“ You past the reception office continue straight for three miles turn to your right .Then go straight another seven miles and turn on your left continue straight for one mile and your destination is on the right,” she responds.

“Thank you,” I nod.

She just waves off.

I get out off the building and get in the car. Marven seems to be distracted, he’s looking forward and says.

“Doesn’t that women look familiar?” He asks

I ignore his gaze and start to back the car.

“Yes, we were best friends since we were kids. She was always was around while my father” I pause for a minute and continue “ did his things” I finish.

We continue the ride to the cabin in silence.

Once I park the car. We get out and inspect the house.

The cabin is small but it has a nice dark color to it. Trees are all over and the smell of flowers, trees, dirt fills our nostures. It’s a reliving and calming scent.

We walk inside and we notice the furniture is also in a dark oak color. There seems to be enough sources for days. We are stacked on food.The bedroom seems to be across the fireplace.It’s a very but comfortable place to stay in.

“This isn’t half bad. Good choice your highness.” He says impressed

“Yes it is. Let’s put our stuff down and begin our hiking trip. I’ll pack our bag for the eight miles we are gonna do and back. Also bathing suits just in case we find a lake.” I say

“I’ve already got them ready Joqline.” He says

“ Oh, then let’s begin.”

IWe get out of the house and start our hike. Within the hike we encountered many living animals roaming around unafraid. We ended up finding a waterfall and took a swim there. It was nightfall and we wandered back finding a new route and enjoying the serenity that was shown to us. The forest was filled with life. As if everything was a awake. We were able to see the fireflies roam over the forest and light it up. It was magnificent. We found this to be amazing. I don’t think both of us had witness such beauty. We are always doing missions and not inspecting everything around us. All we pay attention is to the exits and the weapons we might need to use. Even though we wanted to explore the forest more. We had been out for almost seven hours.

Once we are back in the cabin we put our stuff down, and took showers. And got ready for bed. But before we did Marven was sitting up on his side of the bed. I lean on him, yawning.

“What’s wrong Marvey?” I ask.

“ I had never payed attention to the serenity or my surroundings as much as we did today. I was impressed and shocked at the same time.”

He turns towards me and smiles.

I am caught of guard I have never seen Marven smile. He’s always frowning and annoyed when it comes to other things or talking to him in general. We can’t have a normal conversation due to our positions as royals and in the military. So I smile back at him.

“ What did you enjoy most of the hiking trip?” I ask.

“ He turns away and looks at his hands. Thinking.

“Those bugs that lit up the forest were amazing. I was afraid that we were getting attack but when one of those bugs landed on me I was shocked to find that they won’t hurt.” he smiles once more.

“It was a surreal sight.,” he says softly.

“ Yes” I say “ Those were amazing.” I pat his back and lay back down.

“Tomorrow is going to be another day. Let’s get some sleep and look forward. Goodnight Darling” Joqline says.

“Goodnight,Joqline,” Marven repsonds.


Saturday Morning

Marven wakes up a little later than usual. He’s a morning riser. He must’ve been tired after yesterday.

“Morning, Marevy. Your coffee is on the counter.”

“Thank you,” he says groggily.

I smile. I haven’t seen him this soft. He seems almost weak. I enjoy this part of him. He’s been a bit nicer since we came to this cabin. After yesterday I haven’t seen him smile. Now He’s not complaining that it is too early to be awake and isn’t cursing at the animals singing outside.

Marven hair is messy and doesn’t seem to care that he isn’t wearing a shirt nor that he is in a very sleepy state.

“ How was your sleep?”

“Great, before I found out you left the bed,” he says bit annoyed.

‘Ah there he is.’ I say to myself

“ I apologize my dear I woke up and was unable to fall asleep. I saw your sleeping form and you looked so comfortable.”

He takes a sip of his coffee and ignores my comment.

“Where are we going today princess?” He asks.

I put my mug down and intersect my hands together.

“I was planning we go kayaking later in the afternoon and go stargazing.”

I“Stargazing? As if looking in the sky and watching the stars?” He asks.

“Something like that.” I smile and nod.


He doesn’t say anything and only takes sips of his coffee.

“Very well. After my shower, I will put on some shorts,” he says.

“ Wear some sun lotion. I know your not use to the sun but I don’t want you getting a sunburn”I He looks at me and nods.

I watch him get up and go to our bedroom.

I find it kind of odd that he’s not reluctant or arguing so far within this trip. He seems to be enjoying this much more than I am. It scares me. Now I’m the one that is wondering what is on the third day.

3 hours later

We haven’t done much. We got ready a bit to early. It’s only 1539. So we just sit down and talk about some of our personal things. Such as we talk and get comfortable about his past. Like his father left a scar going down to his chin to his collarbone. We started to spend and speak more each other. We have been in a relationship for awhile which I find it odd due to our lack of communication. Usually I’m the one that tells everyone that communication is a big key as a team. Yet we as leaders and rulers has been so caught up with our daily lives and didn’t focus on the most important thing. He has starts to blush and looks down at his hands when he says.

“Joqline, this might sound weird coming from me. But, I do love you. I might be cruel and ruthless. But, your the only person that truly understood me. You knew who I really was and you weren’t afraid to keep loving me. You never gave up on me. I…” He pauses

“ I love you for that. You had always been there on my bad days and telling me that I don’t need to give up. You have proven to me that there is so much hope in this world. In fact since we first became engaged. I’ve had so much feelings that I never knew was possible. I was able to make myself mentally and physically stronger because of you.”

He looks up. At this point he’s not blushing. He has a soft and calm face.

I am suddenly startled to know that Marven has been holding this confession for so long. I almost don’t know how to respond.

I take my hands and entwined them with his.

“ Marven, you have gone through so much and I understand how you feel. I’m happy that I made you feel loved. I know that you didn’t receive a lot of affection as a child and I’m willing to change that and make it better for you. I’m going to be by your side no matter what happens.” I smile at him.

I watch his body slowly relax. He squeezes my hand and smiles.

“Now let’s go, it’s 1700  hours so we should go ahead and kayak.”

“ What about the star gazing? It’ll be a lil too late.” he questions.

“Oh, don’t worry. I thought that it’ll be interesting to stargaze when we go kayaking. That’s why I want to go now.”

Ah, I see. Very well we shall go now,” he nods.

Once we get out of the house we look for the lake I found on the map when I woke up. There seems to be one, three miles south, closer to the reception office. We walk over to the side of the lake and start preparing. We only brought one kayak. It’s accessible for only two people. We put on our life jackets and start paddling away. As it started to get even darker, the fireflies started to emerge from the trees, bushes and flowers. Marven stops paddling and gazes at the fireflies. He’s so relaxed and happy. I hear him chuckle. Marven turns back at me and smiles. I smile back and chuckle. I glance at my watch and it’s now 2031. I tell Marven to glance up the sky. I can tell he’s amazed. His eyes sparkle and his chest rises and falls. He’s shocked.

“Marven? What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

He continues to stare at the sky.

“I’m fine. These things. Why haven’t I been paying attention. There is so much in this world that I haven’t seen. It feels fake. It’s sad but all this new stuff makes me so happy.” He calmly says

I don’t answer and look up in the stars. We stay quiet as we put our paddles down on our lap. We stargaze for awhile until it got late. We paddled back and got back to the house. It was still hot out and we both were wearing shorts. I had a blue tank top on while Marven was shirtless. We both were sweating and decided to take a shower.

There is one more day left. It’s Marven’s decision. I can’t wait.

Last Day:Sunday

I hear cursing in the restroom and stuff be throwing. I slowly rise up and yawn. I stretch my limbs and call out.

“Marven?” I yawn

“I’m here.” He growls

He’s in bad mood. I stand up and walk over to the bathroom. He slams the door at my face.

“Don’t come in here.” He yells

“ Why? I need to brush my teeth and Marven we have been together for awhile.” I say

“I know. Just go make some coffee or something I don’t care.” He says more annoyed

“Fine.” I say slowly

I get dressed. I’m wearing some white shorts and sky blue crop top. I put a light sweater on. I start to make coffee for both of us.

I hear Marven run down the stairs. I notice that he has fixed his hair. It’s slicked back with a few strands falling down. He’s wear a white dress shirt with his sleeves rolled up and some black shorts.

“Your coffee is on the counter. I’ll be in the restroom.”

He nods and passes past me.

As I finish brushing my teeth and combing my hair. I walk back downstairs and see marven turn his gaze towards. He sips his coffee and watches me make my way to the counter.

“ You didn’t poison my coffee did you?” I joke

He laughs. ”No.”

As I take my seat I ask him.

“What are we going to do today?”

“ That’s a surprise. Just finish your coffee so we can go. I’m driving so don’t worry,” he says.


I finish drinking my coffee and start to pack the little stuff we brought. Today is our last day before we go back to our duties tomorrow. Marven gestures me to the car. We both get in and start to drive. We passed by a few trees and the waterfall we saw on Friday. We come to a halt. Next to a flower garden.

“Marven” I gasp.

I remember this spot. When we were kids Marven took me out of the castle for the first time. I was never allowed to get out of the castle walls. I was forced to stay between them and if I ever tried I’ll get punished over it. But Marven took me out of the castle for the first time and this is the first spot he took me to. When he took me to this spot. I never knew that flowers were a thing. I never knew that there were so many living things out here.

I slowly get out of the car and go in the middle of the flower garden and crouch down.

“Marven, this is amazing. This was the first time you took me out of the castle by telling my father that we had a mission. This spot is so beautiful. I can’t believe that it’s still here after all those years.”

I get up as I pick up a red lily.

“But why did you bring me here. Is there a reason?” I

“Actually yes, Joqline for the love of the devils turnaround,” he says.

As I turn to face him. I drop the lily and cover my mouth with my hands. I see Marven with one knee on the ground and a ring on his hand.

“Joqline, I have been wanting to do this for a while. I’m still not use to doing these kind of certain ceremonies. But, you have should me stuff I haven’t seen through my entire life. You have amazed me and made me a strong person. I want you to stay with me forever and I hope you feel the same way. I love you princess. Will you marry me,” Marven says.

I see the blush form on his cheeks, but doesn’t look away from me.

I have tears pouring out of my eyes and I nod.

“Yes, yes of course.”

He puts the ring on my finger and I tackle him to the ground. He falls on his back and embraces me. I hear him laugh and hear him say that he’s happy and he loves me.

This three day summer break was so much intriguing and best experience. I hope all the kids out there will have the same feeling.