Shepard Welcomes New Staff Members

Cam'ron Hardy, Author


With the start of a new year comes many changes and this year at ABS is no exception. Shepard welcomed several people to the ABS family

Each new staff member was asked what they are most looking forward to about this year. This is what each had to say.

Jennifer Ramirez – Becoming more involved with educating staff and students on health topics as well as participating in events held at the school.

Jack Egeling – Being a part of this wonderful, healthy, and progressive community of learners!

Roland Hatcher – Looking forward to teaching in an area that she considers home.

Deisha Marshall – Getting the preschool back up and running again.

Tyler Newsome – Becoming apart of District 218.

Nadjeh Awadallah – Running counseling groups for students again.

Carina Santiago – Seeing the current senior class graduate

Our new teachers all come to us with a variety of experiences. They range from established veterans to relatively inexperienced in the field. Here is a little background on our new staff members past.

What were your previous experiences with the job that you have ?

Jennifer Ramirez – “ I have been a nurse for 24 years now. My experience includes Neonatal ICU, Pediatrics, Surgical Oncology, and Dermatology.  I transferred here from District 117 where I worked at Conrady Junior High School.  I worked there for four years and really fell in love with school nursing.  In May, I completed the certification for School Nurses at UIC and sought out opportunities for my new role.  I’m really happy I made the switch to CHSD 218! “

Jack Egeling – He was in a substitute teaching position. He worked as an engineer for a little bit. Then he taught in Lexington, KY. He also taught AP Physics 1 and,   physics, and introductory physics.

Roland Hatcher – He was a choir teacher.

Deisha Marshall – She taught Food 1 and 2

Tyler Newsome – He taught at the middle school level. Tyler also taught English, social studies, and math.

Nadjeh Awadallah – She has been a clinical therapist for 13 years but worked at four different hospitals

Carina Santiago – She worked at TLC learning center for three years

What is the best thing about Alan B. Shepard High School so far ?

Jennifer Ramirez – “Everyone at Shepard has been very friendly and helpful. The administrative and staff support has been amazing!”

Jack Egeling – The care and love the students have for each other and their teachers. Shepard has created a wholesome and welcoming community and that is something to be proud of. (Also this new science wing is pretty sweet).

Roland Hatcher – Everyone is so kind and welcoming. We have an awesome group of administrators, teachers, and students that make coming to work every day really exciting.

Deisha Marshall – The people. Everyone is so supportive and kind.

Tyler Newsome – All the positive people

Nadjeh Awadallah – The staff and students are so welcoming and friendly

Carina Santiago – She enjoyed seeing students get that “ ah ha.  I got this !” Moment

What was your favorite subject in school? 

Jennifer Ramirez – Science and math.

Jack Egeling – Science, math, literacy outdoor education, and philosophy

Roland Hatcher – Music and English.

Deisha Marshall – English

Tyler Newsome – Science

Nadjeh Awadallah – Drawing ( Art)

Carina Santiago – English

How long were you employed at your previous job?

Jennifer Ramirez – A nurse for 24 years!

Jack Egeling – -Teacher for three years.

  • Engineer for almost two years
  • Butcher for a year
  • Tour guide for DePaul for three years

Roland Hatcher – Conductor with the Chicago Choir for two years.

Deisha Marshall – 1 year.

Tyler Newsome – Taught at Nathan Hale Intermediate School and Hillcrest High School. Taught various subject within special education.

Nadjeh Awadallah – – A clinical therapist for 13 years

  • Worked in four different hospital systems (threein Illinois and one in Wisconsin).
  • Taught college classes on Human Development, Psychology, and Ethics for 4 years (at the same that that he was working in the hospital).

Carina Santiago – Worked at TLC Learning Center for three years.