Football Staff Welcomes New Member to Staff

By: Gavin Quinlan and Hector Gil

Fall season is upon us, which means football season is here.

The Alan B Shepard football team is coming off an excellent season with a record of 8-3. The Astros also won a first round playoff game. But the 2019 Astros not only have a new looking team but also they have added several other qualified coaches.

The 2019 Astros are led by head coach Jon Rone and several other qualified coaches.. The Astro coaches are: Vince Holmes – Defensive Coordinator, Justin Harris – Running Backs & Cornerbacks, Chuck Miller – Defensive Line & Mark Thomas – Asst. Offensive and Defensive lines.

The coaches do a lot to prepare for their next game. “Lots of film study that leads to strategizing how to use our strengths versus the opponent’s weaknesses,” said Coach Rone.

The Astros seemed really prepared when they played their first game against Leyden. The Astro defense only allowed ten points in the victory and they looked really prepared on both sides of the ball.

The team is looking really solid at the beginning of the season with two big wins over Leyden and St. Francis. The team and coaching staff have big expectations for this season.

The team is looking for a conference championship and in week four, the Astros had a chance to start the season 4-0 for the first time since 1993.

“In order to be a good team, coach Rone said, “we need to build on last year’s success, win a conference championship and at least make a deep run in the playoffs.

This team is something special with a good all around offense and a very solid defense. This team is very talented and shows why they are undefeated. This team is much like other team Rone has coached.

“The team is right up there with the best of them,” said Rone. “We have a good mix of youth and experience, an overall good work ethic, and talent that many teams wish they had, and the   desire to prove last year’s success was not just because of the great senior class we had.”

The new coaching staff could also be a big factor on why the Astros are so successful this year.

“It would have to be that they share in my vision of what kind of program we can become” Rone added. “They have the  desire to coach and help develop all of our guys and their willingness to put in the work to reach that vision. It’s also huge that most have a lot of experience coaching this great game.”

The Astros former   coaches still had a big impact on the players and Rone even though they aren’t there anymore.

“They were awesome to work with and I really appreciate how they worked to help our kids and did what they could to make my first year at Shepard a success. It wouldn’t have been a success without them,” said Rone.