Yearbook Moves from Class to Club

Heredia, Rini

If you wanted to be apart of yearbook but had no room in your schedule then you’re in luck! Yearbook is now being offered as a club instead of a class throughout District 218.

Yearbook was switched to a club in 218 because the numbers in the class were low.

“In order to run a course each year, the District typically requires that at least 17-18 students are enrolled (with exceptions for SPED courses),”  said Director of Assessments and former English Curriculum Director Anthony Corsi.  “Over the last five years or more, Yearbook classes across the District have been running with less than the minimum number of students, and we could no longer continue to offer the course under that condition—we determined that it would be better to redistribute the resources to other courses or programs.”

Another reason being that not enough people were buying yearbooks.

“Sales for yearbooks have also been declining for many years—each school in the District houses roughly 1,700 to 1,800 students, yet yearbook sales were typically under 300 per building (often dipping into the low 100s),” said Corsi.

 Yearbook was taught by LRC coordinator, Erin Kay, and has now been passed down to teaching assistant Nykeya Woods. Kay says she’s both relieved and disappointed to no longer have yearbook.

“From arranging photography to dealing with sales and marketing to actually creating the book, there was always something that needed to be done,” said Kay. “It’s a relief to not have to worry about little details every day. However, I miss the relationships I formed with the students as we made creative decisions about the book.”

  One challenge that awaits the new club is the fact that they only meet once a week, unlike previous years where Yearbook would meet everyday during school.

 “There’s so much that has to be done that I cannot imagine having such a short period of time to accomplish everything.” Kay stated.

 Some advice Kay would give Woods for the upcoming year is to be organized and keep track of everything on a calendar, and double check everything you do. We wish the yearbook a good year and a happy start to new beginnings!


By Rini Heredia