Swimmers Start Season with a Splash


Courtesy of Alan B. Shepard's Facebook.

Lilly King, Managing Editor


The girls swim team is already nearly half way through their season, with it starting August 12 and ending on November 16.

This year Shepard’s Girls swim team I made up of 30 swimmers.  The teams top scoring swimmers consist of Sara McNicholas(Senior), Francesca Serdar(Junior), Brianna Sweas(Sophomore), Alison Zemekis(Sophomore), Marissa Florez(Junior), and Jessilyn Sparks(Freshmen).  The teams top divers are Brianna Sweas(Sophomore) and Amy Erlain(Senior).  Although these may be the swimmers with the highest scores Burmeister still believes every swimmer brings something to the team.

So far the team has been doing very well, September third was their first meet of the season verses Richards and Eisenhower, the team won on both levels – their score for the season so far is 4-2 on both levels.

The swimmers have a busy season this year – on Tuesdays and Thursdays they have dual and triangular meets and invites on Fridays and Saturdays.  This year for them conference is October 30 for diving and November 1 for swimming.

On top of this busy schedule they also have to fit in practices, which according to Burmeister are “…long and very aerobic.”  Varsity will begin practice with stretching, then swim 600-1000yd warm-up, the team then works through a kick set and different drills before entering the focus of the day.  They tend to alternate between aerobic freestyle and stroke sets and then end each day with sprinting in attempt to focus on being fast while tired.

Although this is only Taylor Burmeister’s second year coaching he seems to have made a very positive impact on the girls swim team so far.  His love for the sport began at Eisenhower and followed him even to Wittenberg University where he went to college.