Yungblud Wows the Excited Crowd

Rini Heredia, Entertainment Editor

Sheffield Avenue was buzzing with excitement as everyone was waiting outside the Vic Theatre on October 4 to go see Yungblud. 

The crowd was a mix of teenagers and young adults. Most of the audience ranged in age from 14 to their early 20s.

Before the concert started every person in the room was already rocking out to the music that was blasting through the speakers. 

Then the lights went down and that’s when the opening act, Missio, took the stage. The members were each wearing matching white outfits.

They set the stage with colored lights and a banner with the band’s name on it. The performance they gave was superb. The crowd had a grand time.

After playing their set, they thanked everyone and then the lights dimmed on stage for stage crew to start getting the stage ready for the main act, Yungblud. 

Yungblud’s set started with a teaser before he actually came on that was probably only a minute or two but for the fans, who were too hyped up, it felt like forever. Then it was finally time.

He ran out on stage sporting an all black outfit and makeup to match. He went right into the first song and started out strong with “21st Century Liability.” Throughout the performance he kept the energy in the room high with his loud music and personality.

Then in the middle of the concert he went out into the center of the crowd and performed a slower more heartfelt song. During this song the fans had held up pink hearts over their phone flashlights which is usually done to show the artist support for what they’ve done to get to where they are now. 

After his performance in the crowd, he went backstage to change into a black tee shirt and skirt. As an artist he feels it’s important to break societal norms and show the world that it’s okay for men to be more feminine and go out of your comfort zone. 

The concert then went on as usual with singing and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. He performed the songs “California,” “Loner,” and many more off of his first album.

Overall, it was one of the best concerts I have gone to. The artist really cares about his fans, music, and what he believes in and that was all exemplified in his performance.