Cool Place Welcomes Students Seeking Extra Help

Lilly King, Feature Editor

       The Cool Place has officially been open for twelve years since starting in the fall of 2008.  Currently the Cool Place is run by William Pazoles, a retired math teacher from Eisenhower, and Laura Schroeder, who used to teach at T.F. North and subbed at Richards and Incarnation.  Pazoles has been there since 2008 and Schroeder started in 2009.  

       Although Mr. Pazoles is not involved in anything else at Shepard, Mrs. Schroeder is – she is the Varsity Badminton Coach. J.V. Scholastic Bowl Coach.  A tutor during Saturday school. She works the chains at the football games. She fills out the book for the basketball games. She is an English teacher in the summer program for freshmen, a homebound teacher.  She occasionally subs, and she runs the testing center on Friday’s.

        “The COOL Place is amazing because it is open to anyone and everyone,” explains Schroeder, “and it is a tutoring opportunity available right in the middle of the school day…Any student who is struggling in their class can decide to come down and ask for help during their lunch.”

        The Cool Place is open to everyone as Schroeder explained and a great resource, but specifically those who need help in math and English.  Junior, Aseel AlRamahi, explained how the Cool Place has benefitted her,

        “The Cool Place gives students the opportunity to do better on their tests and it’s a quiet environment to get your homework done in school.”

      This year the Cool Place is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, they will also be open on some random Monday’s and Friday’s as finals approach.  

      Another Junior at Shepard, Olivia Wasag, explained that advisory does affect her time in the Cool Place since it does not give her enough time to fully go over what she needs help on.

      Although going to the Cool Place all period may conflict with students who have advisory, students are able to go the last 20 minutes of lunch. 

     For students who eat school lunches, they can use a QR code that is down in the Cool Place to preorder lunch, the student can either do it the day before or before 9:00 a.m. the day of, and will receive their ordered lunch in the Cool Place.  Even though students are not allowed to miss advisory for tutoring, they are allowed the opportunity to miss advisory if retaking a test in the Cool Place, which occurs on Fridays.