Aidonis and McGovern Crowned King and Queen

Ally Mikos, Staff Reporter


    The homecoming assembly is known for its fun games and rowdy crowds but it also involves the homecoming court. The homecoming court made their first appearance there.

    The homecoming court was first announced on the morning announcements. The freshman, sophomore, and juniors being official named and the king and queen candidates being officially announced at the assembly. There were two candidates for king, and four for queen.

    At the assembly the freshman walked first, followed by sophomores and juniors. Then they announced potential king and queen pairings.

    Then it was announced that Stefanos Aidonis and Kate McGovern won. Aidonis was crowned and given a sash, and McGovern was crowned and given a sash and flowers.

    Aidonis said,  “When I heard my name my stress levels just went down.”

Stefanos and Kate sat on stage with the rest of the court at the dance, wearing their sashes.

    McGovern said, “Being homecoming queen, and on stage was an honor.”

    The homecoming court walked across the stage at the actual dance. They had their names announced from freshman, to sophomore, junior, and senior. The music was turned off for this portion of the dance briefly, but loud music played after the announcing of each name.

    After being voted by their peers, Stefanos Aidonis and Kate McGovern worked to be a good homecoming king and queen.