Leading Ladies

By Evelyn Ortega

Leading Ladies is Alan B. Shepard’s new club dedicated to young ladies in high school.

The club is open to all Ladies. Age and grade level does not matter.The purpose of Leading Ladies is to build young ladies self-esteem and character. The club hopes to develop the confidence of these young ladies and empower them.

In this club, members have said it makes them feel safe, wanted, and important.

The clubs first public event was a scary movie night! The movíe Insidious was shown for one dollar. It was hosted in the FAC at Alan B. Shepard on Thursday after school. The ladies served popcorn and had pizza for everyone, and sold out of all their snacks. They hope to spend the earnings on more team bonding, field trips, and more events.

Club member Abby Monti commented, “It was an amazing night, a lot of people showed up to come support our club, which made us feel supported. I hope we get to do bigger events in hopes to promote our club, it’s amazing and we want to invite all ladies to come.

One of the main principals of Leading Ladies is bonding. Leading Ladies believe to work through one’s true self, is to interact and build relationships to someone you can be yourself with.

Leading Ladies is run by Monique Rodgers and first year child care teacher, Deisha Marshall.

The club at the moment has 13 members, Abby Monti, Amani Peters, Amaya Carpenter, April McCondichie, Ashanti Sangster, Cayla Brewer, Dana Hill, Hope Thomas, Jalynn Thompson, Jasmine Griffen, Kayla Ellis, and Kaylynn Henley. According to Marshall, she hopes to have more ladies involved!

Meetings are held every other Tuesday in the Astro Cafe or in a119, Marshall stated that normal meetings consist of brainstorms between the ladies for upcoming events in which they can participate. Main discussions usually include the topic about how to give back to the community, and how to bring awareness to important topics.

Marshall stated, “We brainstorm ideas to try and get the name Leading Ladies out to the community/school”.

According to Marshall the first meeting went well and the members are excited to begin and host their own events.  The club meets every other Tuesday from 3:30 until 4:30. Their first event was at the tailgate, after the pep rally. Leading Ladies ran the bowling area, and raised money for their club. And According to a club member it went very successful.

April McCondichie, who is a leading Ladies member stated, “I expect a lot to happen in future meetings. We all connect more and encourage the other ladies. We decided to collaborate  with other clubs and organizations. The types of activities that we may do is movie night, maybe sky zone. But, we are planning on doing many things to uplift our selves, and bond with one another.”

Marshall also wanted to add the club is composed of strong, independent ladies that are looking to become the best versions they can be. The club is currently still accepting new members, and hope to see more ladies be involved. Their first planned trip is to go horseback riding.