Lollapalooza Provides Summer Fun


Matt Dombroski, Staff Reporter


           Chicago is known very well for the activities it holds over the summer. One of the most popular summer activities to attend is Lollapalooza. Lollapalooza is a four day music festival that millions of people attend yearly.

           The festival was spread through Chicago’s Grant Park. The festival has eight stages that held 170 plus bands from all over the world. The lineup always contains bands and artists that make hands wave, heads nod, and crowds bump.

           With all the performers it’s hard to see all of them. With that you need to plan out your day. The three most popular stages are T-Mobile, Perry’s, and Bud Light. T-Mobile and Perry’s are right next to each other which helps out if there are two performers that are performing there that you like, and Bud Light stage is across grant park.

          Nick Dombroski and I both went all four days, I asked him how he got to see all of his favorite artists. For us it was a lot of walking.

        Right when an artist was done it was a fast paced jog to the next performance. There was barely anytime to eat or use the restroom.

          Now speaking of eating, there are tons of food stands set up along the festival to fill your appetite. Our favorite was Connie’s Pizza. One slice that just filled you up enough to give you energy to keep going.

          The weather this year for the festival was beautiful. The weather was low to mid 80’s, which is pleasant compared to the usual high to low 90’s during the beginning of August.

          “This has been the best year by far out of the four years I’ve gone.” “ we barely had to go the hydration station which was great because we could get to who we want to see sooner.” Said Eric Bruesch, a former Shepard student.

           The hydration is the most important station throughout the festival. For me it was like heaven, I fill up my camel back with two gallons of water and I am ready to go for at least two performances.

            Overall the lineup was good but not great. Some of the best performances were by Louis the Child, Lil Wayne, Boombox Cartel, and 21 Savage. They all made my group headband and get loud.

             For all four days I was in lala land at Lollapalooza, and hope to be the same way next year.