Shepard Advisory Gets A New Look

 By Jailyn Lewis

Staff reporter 

Advisory is defined as having or consisting in the power to make recommendations but not to take action enforcing them. In Alan B Shepard high school we have three types of advisory classes; one for Freshmen , Sophomores, and Juniors.

  Freshman advisory is mainly talking about high school and expectations for high school . Sophomore advisory is giving information you may need for future reference. Junior advisory is all about the big test you will be taking in April the SAT.  The SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions.  

Recently, I interviewed two students that are either in advisory or have completed freshman, sophomore, and junior advisory.  We talked about the significance of junior advisory and how it helps prepare the students for the future. I recently asked Cam’Ron Hardy ( a freshman advisory) & Ahviona Wilson ( freshman mentor ) the following questions 


  • How does advisory prepare Juniors ? What are some of the things they talk about ?
  • What are something they talk about in freshman and sophomore advisory?
  • What is the difference between freshman & Sophomore advisory?

Cam’Ron stated “ For juniors they learn the basics of the SAT, and how to make their scores better, freshman advisory learn how to deal with certain situations you may face in high school and how to fix the problem,  sophomore advisory mainly talks about the future and it also talks about college and the things you need to know before applying for college.  

Ahviona stated “ Freshman advisory is really about getting to know the school and the help that comes with it.  They talk about the counselors, tutors, and even social workers. also talk about cyberbullying and bullying in general”.