Thanksgiving a Time for Thanks and So Much More

Evelyn Ortega
Entertainment Editor

We are well into November and for many people, this means it’s gonna be a time full of spending money, eating an
abundance of food, and showing gratitude.
The Shepard Community continued its tradition of generosity by conducting a canned food drive to support families of the community with some of the essentials to have a great Thanksgiving.

Types of resources that can be donated are, canned food, toiletries like toothbrushes, toothpaste, and baby
products like diapers and baby wipes. Money is also being accepted as a donation.
The winning class that donates the most will earn a breakfast and or pizza. The school urges to have as much
participation as possible in this food drive to give back to families in need.

Thanksgiving is the holiday of giving thanks to your parents, friends, cousins, pets, teachers etc. Americans have
been celebrating Turkey Day as far back as 1621 when the pilgrims had their first autumn harvest and shared it with
the Wampanoag Indians Since then Thanksgiving has been a national holiday.

Families gather together to play a game of football until it’s time to eat. The day of giving thanks is celebrated by
eating delicious food. The typical  plates seen are filled with turkey, stuffing, gravy, pumpkin pie, ham, mashed
potatoes, cranberry sauce that’s topped with apple cider as a beverage. About 46 million turkeys are consumed by
families. After indulging in a feast, families talk, watch football and typically get ready to go shopping.

The day after is called Black Friday. This is a day in which  stores and malls have deals on their products. It has become a national phenomenon. Deals vary from 20 to 70 percent.

Last year, retailers generated about 7.9 billion dollars.

Typical stores that consumers shop in are Apple, Best Buy, Home Depot, Menards, and Target. Phones, smart
TVs, shoes are up to half off on Black Friday. Consumers go each year to get deals for anniversary gifts,
Christmas presents , or just a shopping spree, Monica Vigil who celebrates Thanksgiving every year stated,

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, It reminds me how grateful we should be for all the things we are fortunate enough  to have. I love seeing my family and friends. I am grateful to be able to spend time with family and friends.

Around the world, 95 percent of people celebrate, but, not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving. Different ethnic backgrounds and religions have their own customs and traditions.

Since this is a national holiday, most people have the day off from their jobs to enjoy the day with family and
Not only does the United States celebrate Thanksgiving, but so do Germany, Korea, and Japan.