10 Studying Tips To Help With Finals

  1. Actually do your study guides

It sounds like a given but most people don’t do them or just look for the answers without retaining any of the information. A lot of teachers also collect them for points so taking a picture of them to quickly go over before the test wouldn’t hurt!

  1. Do your study guides closer to the date of your test.

This isn’t saying to leave it all for the night before the test. Do the stuff you know at home and then sometime before the test ask a teacher to go over something you don’t understand. This will help you remember what you need to be successful when taking the exam.

  1. Chew mint gum

It’s said that chewing gum while studying or testing can help improve your memory. Mint is also a natural relaxant so we recommend a mint gum to help reduce any anxiousness.

  1. Take advantage of the study hours before finals

The school didn’t push back testing times just so we could sleep in a little longer. (Though it is nice!) During these study hours teachers usually do Kahoots and Quizlets so students can really benefit from going.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

You can’t expect yourself to know everything right away. If you’re struggling with a topic don’t hesitate to ask your teachers any questions you may have. They’re here to help you learn. You can also get some help at the cool place during your lunch.

  1. Don’t forget to take a break

While studying hard is important you don’t want to over do it. For every productive 30 minutes you study take a 5 minute break. Not taking breaks in between can cause you to get even more stressed out about a test and can actually make it harder to stay focused.

  1. Play some music without lyrics

Music tends to help people focus. Sometimes it distracts us but that’s because people usually listen to the lyrics. If that’s you then try listening to some soft beats without any words. There’s plenty of playlists on Spotify and YouTube with this kind of music specifically for studying.

  1. Minimize the use of your phone

This one is harder for some because in this day in age everything is happening online. Try turning your phone on Do not disturb or leave it charging away from where you’re studying. The blue light from your phone isn’t good for your eyes anyway.

  1. Don’t pull an all nighter

Sleep is key to doing well on tests. Staying up all night studying is just as bad as not studying at all. A tired brain can’t retain information as well as a well rested brain so make sure to get your 8 hours.

  1. Keep a snack nearby

Hunger is distracting and our brains need food too. Instead of immediately reaching for those chocolate chip cookies or Doritos try a healthy alternative. Trail mix, avocado toast, and popcorn are just some of the great options!