Shepard Students Change the World

Saja Hatu, Staff Reporter

       Many of us have experienced or may know someone who is or has been a victim of bullying. Nearly anyone can be the victim of it can happen to anyone, and anywhere.  

       There are a lot of organizations and campaigns now to prevent bullying and to take a stand against this movement.  

       Heather Dickinson a teacher at Shepard teamed up with students and staff to make the “Be the Change” club.  

       Activities sponsor Joanna Stasiak had this idea after Challenge Day, which is a popular event at Shepard.  

       She also came up with the idea with a former student Sophomore Abigail Horton.  They came up with this idea because they wanted the outcome to be a positive outcome for everyone.  Heather and Abigail both explained that the goal“is to stop all kinds of bullying and provide students with tools and knowledge to deal with bullying in an effective way. They want students to be able to support each other and take the power of bullying away.

Abigail also went on to tell us about what they discuss in the meetings which are held every other Thursday. 

       “We discuss different ways to prevent bullying,” said Horton, “what to do if you’re in this situation, how to promote positivity, and live a healthy lifestyle, and promote different ways to spread awareness around the school.  Any student can join this club. All you have to do is attend the meetings ever other Thursday.  

       Horton is the leader of club and went on to tell us what big events they have come up with. 

      “Challenge day was a big event for us we are new, so we are starting from scratch, we are currently working on an all school positivity initiative, “said Horton.