Maleficent Movie Review

By Ally Mikos

Staff Reporter

Maleficent has flown back into theaters in a captivating yet only mediocre movie. It had its moments, but some things fell short of excellence.

The good: The acting in this movie is enchanting and shows character development from the first. Angelina Jolie gives a believable performance as the evil dark mistress, Maleficent. The movie shows a kinder side of her, yet intertwines the malevolence of Maleficent into the developed, beautifully crafted character. The audience sees her love for her counterpart Aurora, played by Elle Fanning. 

Fanning also delivers a delightful performance. She portrays the innocence of Aurora and excellently shows the changes of her character as the good hearted nature of her grows up.

Michelle Pfeiffer, though, possibly adds the most interesting performance. Playing the queen, she is a force to be reckoned with. In many cases her powerful presence outshines several of the other characters. 

The costuming and sets in this film also adds a realistic facet to the story. The costumes are indicative of the period and pull the audience into the movie.

The sets are beautifully designed; the castle and the enchanted forest work to captivate the audience in each scene.


The bad: The plot of this film had been seen many times before, maybe not to this mythical extent of this movie, but there are other directions the mythology could have been taken. The battle of good versus evil is one of Disney’s favorite plots, however this particular one does not take risks. 

A hidden truth being discovered about a character, in this case Maleficent, is also a classic plot used in this movies and many others, and while it does add an element to the plot, it merges a possibly unnecessary plot line to the movie, and although the plot is good in some ways, it gets mixed with the main plot line and does not work all the way.


The rating: The bad facets of the movie do draw away from the good on several occasions. Although the acting is outstanding, the drab plot makes the rating inherently lower. Overall, this movie gets a B- in the quality and entertainment of the film, as it was not the most well constructed film, but it was never boring. This movie is recommended as a simply captivating and amusing film, but do not go into it with high expectations.