Boys Basketball

Dominic DeMauro, Sports Editor

Dominic DeMauro

The Varsity boys basketball team is coming off a win against St. Anne with a score of 55-53 improving their record to 4-2
In that contest  Antwain Harris had 26 points and hit the game winner as time expired.
Their next game is tomorrow, December 13, at home against the Meteors of Thornton Fractional North High School.
The roster includes Gavin Quinlan, Ivan Valek, Brandon Butler, Fadi Abour, Josh Fehil, Antwain Harris, Myles Palmer, Jamir Harvey, Jamere Campbell, Ryan Sada, Cole Hermanson, Malachi Jackson, Calvin Lackland, and Alex Harris.

Senior guard Quinlan stated, “ I feel that our team will be pretty solid this year. We have a lot of talent and a lot of team chemistry. We have a chance to be successful if we work hard and grind everyday.”
The team is coached by Coach Chiuccariello who has coached Shepard’s team for the past 29 years.
Chiuccariello stated, “We graduated seven seniors (including all five starters and the two top subs) looking to fill those roles are returning seniors: Josh Fehil, Gavin Quinlan, Brandon Butler, Ivan Valek, and Malachi Jackson… Everyone will have a role to fill. It’s too early to tell but guys who did well in the summer and fall league include: Gavin Quinlan, Ivan Valek, Brandon Butler, Fadi Abour, Josh Fehil, Antwain Harris, Myles Palmer, and Jamir Harvey.”
Chiuccariello looks to the team leaders in the form of Fadi Abour, Brandon Butler, and Josh Fehil.
The team’s goals this season are to be a better team in February than they are in November which will be achieved by their attention to detail.
Chiuccariello has said he loves interacting with the guys on the team along with teaching them life lessons through basketball.
Chiuccariello said, “In a perfect world, players are self-motivated to do their best. You try to explain the why behind the what of the concepts that you are teaching at practice and hopefully all guys buy-in, work their hardest and pay attention to detail. If that doesn’t work there are numerous ways to gain refocus (competitions, rewards, and running.) Guys have to outperform others at practice to earn playing time.”