Back from Winter Break

Evelyn Ortega , Feature Editor

Back From Winter Break

     It’s the end of the semester which means it’s busy with last minute CUA’s, test, and last but not least finals. The first semester has flown by so far and the same will be true of next semester especially for seniors. 

     Seniors have a heavy schedule and a lot to look forward to coming back from winter break. Things to expect are Winter Fest, AP exams, finals, and graduation. There are many resources for students waiting for them when they come back. It is a busy time, so don’t be afraid to utilize all your resources.    

     Although finals are already stressful, students who take AP classes can expect an additional stress load in May.

Many Shepard students take at least one AP classes and they range from many different subjects including Math, English, Foreign Language, Science. 

    There are a few hints thatcan help seniors manage their busy load.  One of the most useful resources that students and teachers do together is take exams or quizzes straight from College Board. College Board is the source to all AP exam, The Teachers use this resource to help train the students. 

     Monica Vigil, a senior, at Shepard stated , “I have a lot of AP classes and with the help of my teachers they train and let me know all the requirements that I will need to know for my exam and it helps me knowing that I have the resources to help me with my exams.” 

From a teacher’s point of view Laura Chatzivasiliades who’s been an AP Biology teacher for 17 years expressed , “I always like to prepare my students by making reviews and games and give study guides that help prepare for future tests and quizzes. I also advise them to see the AP biology tutor on Tuesday during lunch periods.” 

     Students have many resources to use to get prepared for their exams. 

     Once students get back from their Christmas break, teachers and staff will make sure to prepare the students for their exams. 

English teacher Michael Smith feels confident that students will be prepared for their last high school final.

“Our exams are usually related to something we have already done,” stated Smith. “We review for it, with stations , interactive games or by simply reviewing the necessary skills.

    The most anticipated day for seniors is of course graduation.

Senior  Jimena Diaz expects to graduation.

“At graduation all the hard work will have finally paid off,” said Diaz. 

Seniors make sure to have caps and gowns ordered and be ready to go in May. 

Another thing that comes with being a senior is making sure that all college applications are finalized.

Sheri Reiplinger  has said “Make sure you have met with your counselors and have all your college visits  done and you are ready to take the next step in your life .

Seniors remember that teachers and counselors can be helpful in this process.