Digital Media Production Class

By Ashleigh Guzman

Staff Reporter


  Have you ever wondered what students do in a digital media class? It’s an elective in the school and it’s quite popular and fun. Also, the students usually end up with a strong grade because they tend to enjoy their workload. Jodi Pelini loves teaching the class, so much that she goes to Eisenhower to do it!


  Digital media is a class in which you learn how to do digital things. In class, one of the topics is social media. With this topic, you learn about each app, such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. And you also create a Twitter account for class. You also post on your twitter to get credit for class.


  Another topic is television . With this topic, you learn about all the different types of television generations, and all the different networks. There are many different genres with this. There is also parts in class that you get to watch tv, in class, yes, IN CLASS. She has you watch the shows in class from the 1950s to the 2000s so you can see how it has changed over time.


  One more topic, is film. There are several filming projects. The beginning filming project that you make is for a silent short film. It’s a film based on whatever genre you want it to be with music and titles but no words so that the emotion takes over. In the unit right now, the students are making movie trailers. With that, they can enter it in a competition and go to state!


  Digital media is an amazing class with amazing opportunities. With that, you can also get a dual credit for college and it actually can stand out. Teacher,Pelini would love more enthusiastic students to join her class. 


Filming in progress


Students editing movie trailers