Varsity Baseball Fundrasier


Dominic DeMauro, Sports Editor



     The boys varsity baseball team will be going to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this year during Spring Break for a tournament.

     The team is led by head coach is Frank DiFoggio. 

     DiFoggio stated, this year the cost of the trip will be approximately $14,000. For each player it is about $375 for lodging, but with transportation and food it will be between $700-$800 per each player.

     Some upcoming fundraisers are Monday, December 16 at Panda Express in Crestwood. They will also have a lot of upcoming basketball games where the team does split the pot.

     DiFoggio states, “For years, Mr. Benes and I sold same day baked cookies before school started.  That was our biggest money maker. (Press box, Brick backstop, most of the field renovations were from this.).  Also they held golf outing, candlelight bowls, selling Bennigan/BW3 cards. Years back we sold salt-water taffy and candy. Frozen pizzas were another.”

     DiFoggio said, “We are trying to get away from “selling” something.  Also working with companies, is a little easier, however they keep part of the sales.”

     DiFoggio states, split the pot helps but it isn’t their biggest source of income. The amount the team makes from split the pot is based off of how hard the players are hustling. They can have two players do split the pot at a game with a small crowd and bring in $100, but they can have another two players do a game with a big crowd and only bring in $50.

     One reason DiFoggio does split the pot is because it makes the players work for their trip, which makes the trip more enjoyable. It can also help build good team chemistry